Arıtaş Basınçlı Kaplar San A.ş. 

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Arıtaş Basınçlı Kaplar San A.ş.

Established in 1976 in Istanbul by H. Demirel EYYUBOGLU and the original name of company was “Divsan”. Until mid 1980's, the main activities were designing and manufacturing of turn key water treatment projects/plants. Some important references in this field are: Koy Hizmetleri and Turkish TEKEL Factories’ water treatment units.


In 1980, ARITAŞ created another line for cryogenics besides water treatment business and afterwards, focused on designing and manufacturing of cryogenic equipment and pressure vessels.


From the very beginning and now, ARITAŞ’s main aim has been the customer satisfaction.


With a contant growth, ARITAS is now serving to the customers in a factory having 6.000 m2 covered area and 4.500 m2 open field.


Until 1998, design and production of small and medium size cryogenic tanks were successfully accomplished. In 1998 the production capacity increased and design and production of four 150.000 liter cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen storage tanks were completed and delivered. After that, design and production of bigger tanks aimed, and standard design of the cryogenic tanks up to 750.000 liter capacity developed and now approved designs and standard products are available. With this success, ARITAŞ took his place in Europe, Africa and Middle East’s cryogenic market and became a well known brand.


In 2000, our quality system awarded with ISO 2000 and in 2001, AD Merkbleatter HP0 certificates. In 2003 these certificates updated and ISO 9001:2000 and new AD2000 Merkbleatter HP0 certificates replaced old ones.


With expanded organisation and 150 employees we are serving to our customers by sales, after sales service, engineering, quality control and assurance departments as well as production.

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