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Contributing to Sustainable Growth and EU Accession

is developing fast, both economically, socially and demographically. Change, driven by economic and social development, globalization, and EU funded development towards accession, poses challenges as well as opportunities for policymakers, practitioners and enterprises. ECORYS Turkey combines a wealth of economic and social development expertise from across Europe with a thorough understanding of the situation in . We can therefore support our clients with tailor-made solutions to make the most of these opportunities whilst using our experience to avoid the pitfalls and tackle the challenges.

Who We Are

ECORYS Turkey is a Turkish research and consulting company based in . ECORYS Turkey is part of ECORYS, a European group of consulting firms specialized in research, knowledge based consultancy; and technical assistance. It is a core value of ECORYS to make a positive difference to the economic and social context of the countries in which we work. To be truly effective, we believe that our ideas, advice and implementation approach must be based upon sound analysis combined with strong experience in practical application.

ECORYS Turkey combines the expertise of our Turkish staff with the established reputation and skills of experts from across the ECORYS Group. We work with clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and apply our know-how to improve policy making and implementation across a range of key policy areas. Our mission is to support economic and social development in in a sustainable manner and within the framework of EU accession. 

What We Offer

ECORYS Turkey builds on the experience of the ECORYS Group in preparing new EU Member States for accession and the management of EU Funds. ECORYS has worked on a wide range of policy areas and EU projects in countries within the region such as , , , , , , the and . Our distinctiveness in lies in our ability to harness this comparative experience and apply it effectively to meet the needs of the Turkish situation. As a result, we are able to provide research, knowledge based consultancy and technical assistance services grounded in real experience in the following policy areas:

  • EU Funds (Instrument for Pre-Accession, IPA), and Implementation
  • Competitiveness, SME Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Policies, Labour Market and Education
  • Regional and Urban Development
  • Transport, Environment, Water Management and Energy

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