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As an innovative service provider EWE AG is active in the business areas of energy, telecommunications and information technology. By bringing these three areas together under one roof, the Group is well-placed to develop and operate intelligent energy systems. With more than 9,000 employees and sales of over eight billion euro, EWE is one of the largest utility companies in Germany. It provides around 1.5 million customers in northwest Germany, as well as parts of Poland and Turkey, with electricity and gas, and 700,000 customers with telecommunication services.
The EWE AG investments in Turkey are made through the EWE Turkey Holding. EWE, focusing on long term energy activities in Turkey, makes investments mainly with a view to become a key player in the energy market. EWE Turkey Holding has 4 affiliate companies; Bursagaz, Kayserigaz, EWE Enerji and Enervis
EWE Holding is the majority shareholder of Bursagaz and Kayserigaz, which are the leading companies in the natural gas distribution sectors owing to the technological and operational innovations they offer to the sector and their customers.
EWE Enerji, which operates in the natural gas wholesale market, has become a reliable player within a very short time period, which adds value to its sector with its technical and operational expertise.
Enervis commenced its activities with quality service vision in the energy sector in year 2012, and aims to provide services focused on retail customer with energy efficiency and retail market operations in addition to infrastructure and distribution companies.
Thanks to the 80-year experience and knowledge accumulation of the EWE Group and the synergy among the companies operating in Turkey, EWE Turkey has set its sight on the leadership in the areas of its expertise in the fast developing energy market.




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