• I am passionate for sports
  • I am curious and very eager to learn
  • I have digital mindset and I am interested in online landscape
  • I know my users very well and I am connected to them          
  • I have experience on digital marketing (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, paid social media etc.)       
  • I am up to date with current and future trends
  • I have good level of English (verbal & written) & French is a plus


  • I design digital media campaigns aligned with our brand strategy
  • I support and give insight to content team for creation of digital content
  • I establish our online presence to boost brand awareness and sales
  • I am responsible for commercial campaigns on all digital channels
  • I work collaboratively with PR agency and I am responsible for influencer marketing
  • I also work in line with e-commerce, insight and stores teams to ensure 360’ branding strategies

What we offer

A environment where;
  • You can be yourself & work without borders
  • Practise sports & inspire others to practise sports
  • Be free to take decisions on your own
  • Build your own career path

Preferred Candidate

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