• I have strong understanding of infrastructure of ecommerce
  • I master in Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica or similar tools and I am crazy about figures & numbers
  • I have very good understanding in sports market & sport users
  • I am fluent in English
  • I have good understanding of UX & UI
  • I am driven by results
  • I know the basics payment system, shipping, picking & packing methodolgies
  • I am very curious I follow the trends  & I am passionate for ecommerce & online
  • I am sportive or sportive 


  • I create online business plan according to the categories I manage
  • I write my own commercial policy to  understand the potential
  • I am in close contact with design, offer, supply & translation departmants to ensure 100% availability on my site
  • I have a full omnichannel understanding, I apply & adapt our layout, tree according to my customer needs
  • I know my customer thanks to personas I create and update
  • I regularly check the market & competition to make sure I am the leader in my categories
  • I maintain my website, I support all deparments need accordinly
  • I ensure seamless integration between marketing and E-commerce to fuel online sales and guarantee proper user experience for our consumers

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