World of added values – DeFacto!

Aiming to have 16,000 employees by 2018, DeFacto offers you …

A Happiness Manager and a team which care about, solely work for your happiness… In other words +1 happiness!

A healthy life with a permanent sports trainer, fitness center and a quality life consultant… In other words +1 health!

If you fulfill the qualifications and basic functions, then come and Join DeFacto, come and bring +1 value to your life as well as ours and let’s Sprint to Future together!

  • Bachelor’s degree,
  • Minimum 5 years of jersey collection experience in a similar position,
  • Advanced planning and organizing skills,
  • Analytical thinking skills, practical and solution oriented,
  • Good command of English,
  • No obstacle to travel,
  • Capable of driving a vehicle actively,
  • No military obligation (for male candidates).

Basic Functions,
  • Conducting Competitor – Customer researches and analysis,
  • Identifying customers’ demands, preferences and expectations and preparing collections accordingly,
  • Succesfull order tracking, new qualities offer, succesfull price negotiations,
  • Following trends and changes in customer demands,
  • Preparing reports by reviewing sales performance indicators regularly,
  • Maintaining relationships with existing suppliers and searching for new resources for new products.

Preferred Candidate

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