Sales & Marketing Trainee / Finance Trainee


Ankara, İstanbul(Avr.), İzmir, İstanbul(Asya)


I would like my career to be unlimited and full of encouraging opportunities.
Individual success is important to me but I also enjoy being part of a winning team.
On-the-Job learning is the best way to improve my skills.
Working in different positions will enhance my development and broaden my vision.
Challenges motivate me to achieve difficult goals. They keep me fresh and focused all the time.

If the above descriptions feel like your own words and if you
• Have a Bachelor’s Degree with maximum 2 years of work experience or graduate in June 2017.
• Have previous internship or part time job experiences.
• Completed military service or deferred for 2 years, for male candidates.
• Are open to work in different cities in Turkey (İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir).
• Have driving license and solid driving experience, for Sales & Marketing Trainee candidates.

YOU may be our new Sales & Marketing Trainee / Finance Trainee
The Trainee Program in Philip Morris/Sabancı offers the opportunity to work in different areas of related function, as part of a structured Training & Development Plan for 18 months.

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