We are looking for a 'junior' but top talent who wish to build his/her career to be a Marketing Optimization Specialist/Data Scientist at finance.

The candidate should ;
  - be eager to continuously learn and develop skills
  - have clear understanding of engineering approach and the difference between science, business and engineering
  - have a mindset accepting analytics as the monetization of big data
The candidate skillset should include the folowing as much as possible:
  - Operations research know-how (optimization, forecasting, etc.)
  - Data related capabilities (data modeling, SQL, etc.)
  - Datamining experience (statistics, artifical intelligence, etc.)
  - Related subject matter expertise (banking, finance, marketing, risk, fraud, etc.)


The job will/may include roles such as:
- Optimization modeler
- Datamining modeler
- Simulation modeler
- Mathematical modeler
- SQL coder
- SAS,SPSS,R coder
- Research analyst
- CRM expert
- CEM expert
- Project manager

The responsibilities will be at the following areas:
- Building and delivering systems that are optimizing the use of marketing resources against business targets
- Creatively modeling customer behavior including segmentation/clustering
- Building state-of-art cross-sell/up-sell/churn prediction models
- Targeted data discovery over big data sets to catch new business opportunities at specific areas
- Building, maintaining and continuously tuning analytical models which are feeding marketing actions
- Participating R&D and innovation oriented projects

Preferred Candidate

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