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Role Description

The Automation Technology Analyst will support BT related strategic initiatives across multiple sites by working with site stakeholders to understand business requirements and collaborating with the BT Solution Areas to determine solution fit within the current system portfolio. The position will engage with site leaders to identify and define scope for continuous improvement initiatives and related solutions that can be leveraged across the UGS Plant Network.

The Automation Technology Analyst will facilitate and provide on-going monitoring of support for all BT systems and services (core, non-core, local, infrastructure) used at the selected sites under her/his responsibility. The position will coordinate support issues with BT Solution Area teams as needed. If required, the Automation Technology Analyst will support local BT applications which are not in scope of the global support model.

The Automation Technology Analyst will lead specific projects and assist with implementation of global standard solutions. The position will work with the UGS BT Site Leads to manage the UGS BT portfolio and ensure programs are delivered to meet or exceed site goals.

Job Responsibilities

• Provide L3 technology support and apply site-specific knowledge for incidents with manufacturing automation and laboratory systems and other GMP systems.

• Troubleshoot and problem-solve automation issues directly or by engaging vendor support.

• Provide hardware and operating system installation and business as usual support of devices not otherwise supported by BTI/Site Services to include patching, change control, and GMP requirements as necessary.

• Coordinate BT infrastructure tasks at the sites by liaising with BTI Site Services to support UGS BT applications and technologies.

• Provide infrastructure expertise when sizing and creating new database and middleware instances as necessary.

• Provide support for local systems that have not transitioned to the global support model.

• Review all plant-level requests for change for all GMP systems servers, networks, databases, middleware, etc.

• Provide application installation and configuration support as necessary.

• Partner with sites’ business clients and operating units to understand and analyze business process requirements and identify appropriate solutions to meet unmet needs.

• Support the evaluation and implementation of new automation technologies

• Support global BT project deployments (core solutions) and global BT-related continuous improvement initiatives at the sites working in partnership with UGS BT Site Leads, BT Solution Area teams, and other BT teams and Business SMEs as required.

• Support the UGS BT Site Leads in the on-going management of the business systems portfolio.

• Partner with the BT Global Solution Area teams to ensure the systems and services support provided meets the expectation of the business users. Monitor the service being delivered to the sites while escalating critical service issues and addressing unsatisfactory support metrics.

• Monitor metrics to ensure complete and proper execution of BT related systems and services operational process in accordance with cGMP and Pfizer standards. Initiate corrective measures as necessary.

• Engage with UGS BT Compliance to ensure the right policies and programs are in place to maintain system compliance with cGMP regulations and Pfizer policies and standards.

• Prepare and update supporting asset, quality and GMP documentation as necessary.

• Support the BT Site Leads in their role in the compliance/validation space within UGS BT


• Bachelor of Science or related Technical field required.

• Minimum of 3-5 years experience in information technology systems and/or infrastructure with preferably minimum of 1-3 years related experience in the pharmaceutical or fine chemical industry

• Extensive knowledge of network types, connectivity, protocols and network security devices is an asset;

• Demonstrated capability to communicate effectively; embrace diversity; influence stakeholders and build business partnerships to deliver results.

• Additional required competencies include business systems subject knowledge; manufacturing process and automation systems knowledge; ability to work as part of larger teams and global initiatives; knowledge of and intellectual curiosity to learn new automation technologies, process and business directions.

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Firma Sektörü:

İlaç Sanayi

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.30 - 17.30

Haftasonu (Cumartesi) -

Haftasonu (Pazar) -

Çalışan Sayısı: