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Ales Groupe was founded in France in 1969 has 6  different hair and skincare brands which are proven their success all over the world. Ales Groupe established its Turkey Office in January 2013.

Ales Groupe engages customers with  PHYTO which is a pioneer brand in the hair care segment, LIERAC which is 1 st French dermo-cosmetic brand specialized in the correction of aesthetic disorders and skin aging, and JOWAE which aims to restore beauty and harmony to your skin by providing it natural ingredients.

Since its inception in 1975, Laboratoires Lierac Paris inscribes “avant-garde” in its DNA through its willingness to adapt medicines’ major progress into cosmetics.

Phyto brand in 1967, placing the most advanced scientific knowledge at the service of the hair, providing the users with exceptional products with 95% of ingredients of plant origin.

JOWAÉ was born in 2017 from an encounter between French and Korean expertise combining the power of a patented active ingredient with Korean medicinal and traditional plants.

Candidates have an opportunity to be one of the most important players in our growing brand and at the same time, they will be taking an important step for their personal and professional development.

We are looking for candidates who can gravely share our passion for a brand and willingly help our development.


  • Tracking, updating, analyzing and reporting of CRM data
  • Manage all processes of CRM based loyalty program 
  • Manage all processes of CRM-based B2B portal
  • Manage all social media channels
  • Manage all processes of sales force application used by field teams
  • Managing brand-to-third party communication from the beginning of digital projects
  • Analyze and report on the digital and mobile platforms of the brand on a weekly, monthly and annually basis
  • Working with product managers in the process of marketing plan, supporting CRM, digital and social media issues
  • CRM data analysis for marketing actions
  • Respond to complaints from all platforms related to loyalty program, B2B portal and salesforce
  • Communicate with the headquarters about all digital and CRM based projects
  • Support the field teams related to all projects based on CRM
  • Ensuring the social media content to be planned, followed up and management
  • Contributing to social media content and content in digital projects with product managers
  • Contributing to planning the projects to increase the brand recognition and reputation within the frame of the communications strategies
  • Providing assistance to the follow-up and reporting the planned and/or conducted digital projects,
  • Playing an active role in conducting the budget targets and carrying out campaigns when he/she deems necessary in order to achieve budget targets by means of performing regular follow-up on target achievement subjects


  • University degree
  • 3-4 years of CRM, campaign management experience or social media management experience
  • Know-how in Digital & Social Media
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Team work orientation and skilled in working with cross-functions
  • Proven track record on project management
  • Proven track record on CRM agency management
  • Good understanding of digital analytics process such as SEO, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Social Media Advertising etc.
  • Having the knowledge of performance-based management of digital processes such as Social Media Advertising etc.
  • Result-oriented and proactive
  • Advanced competency to perform reporting and presentation
  • Excellent command of Excel/PowerPoint
  • Following up the digital trends and understanding the innovations
  • No military obligation for male candidates