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  • As part of the Banvit Procurement team, lead, develop, negotiate and implement Logistic negotiation for warehouse, transportation, sea freight, fuel, rental car, custom brokers, employee transportation and different type of supplementary stuff in close collaboration with the main stakeholders in the Turkey
  • Taking responsibility in defining short, middle and long term commercial logistic strategy for the region
  • Responsible for leading system design projects to improve the procurement processes and business results for those sub-categories.
  • Being a member and sometimes leader of developing and implement logistic efficiency projects in close collaboration with the logistic department in the region.
  • Taking part in creating new ideas to data management issues and tracking targets of procurement department. Developing required database and creating procurement performance reports to present to the procurement and the related departments in the region


  • Take an active role in defining the warehouse rental and outsourcing commercial strategy , the transportation commercial strategy – urban distribution, refrigerated transference, international and container road commercial strategy related to our distribution operations in Turkey. Ensure supplying and performance for the region with the best cost comparing to the market complying with the agreed Scope and SLA’s
  • Take an active role in the sea freight, Custom Brokers, defining the rental equipment, fuel commercial strategy related to our distribution operations in Turkey in close collaboration with our Global Procurement team
  • Develop alternative suppliers in order to reduce cost according to quality standards and operation defined criteria
  • Making continuous analysis about the global and local market, economical changes and all related drivers to increase the decision quality in procurement strategies to create a sustainable competitive advantage to BRF
  • To take an active role to create short-mid-long term procurement strategies and budgeting process of logistic under his/her responsibility
  • Lead or take an active role in improvement projects such as:
      Increasing Payment terms

      Managing e-auctions or regular negotiations

      Improving Alternative suppliers/sources

    Developing alternative solutions to save money and improve process and product quality

  • Get quotation / negotiate with suppliers / validate with Stakeholders / approve negotiation as per Policy / Create PO and contract / Follow up delivering / treat divergences
  • Be guardian of Procurement Policy in the region
  • Contract managements
  • Taking the relevant precautions due to provide a continuous supply at a required level of service and material quality
  • Taking the critical actions in case of any kind of supply problems.
  • Create and manage the following data for procurement
      o   Targets and results

      o   Database for budget and updated forecast prices

  • Taking active role in master data management for procurement processes

  • Providing periodical reports and presentations for the managerial level of company

General Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree (preferably in Business Administration & Engineering)
  • 5-7 years experience in Procurement 
  • English is a must
  • 2-3 years experience to negotiate logistic categories (asset) 
  • Solid knowledge / background of Turkish market
  • Being familiar with budget, cost, finance, mathematics
  • Generating alternative sourcing techniques; contingency plan, supplying risk management tools.
  • Deep dive CBD analysis (cost break down) for logistics operation
  • Clear communication of needs and objectives to key personnel within supply chain
  • Negotiation skills / Project analysis
  • Expertise in the tools of Strategic Sourcing and related concepts (TCO-Total Cost of Ownership, Supplier Development, Market Research etc.)
  • Provided critical logistical data analysis to support management decisions re operations
  • Draw up and managed PO’s for goods and services

  • Experience in

    o   ERP (SAP or Oracle) – Procurement (MM).

    o   Contract Management

    o   MSOffice applications (Excel, PP etc)



Firma Sektörü:


Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.30 - 18.00

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