Do you have a strong focus on details?

Are you an expert in practicing the very best in a fast-paced laboratory dealing with food and nutrition?

Do you love working with components? Are you an expert lab person who can see beyond the tube?

If you consider yourself as well with the answer of ‘Yes!’, you are about to find an attractive opportunity!


Having entered the chemical distribution business in 1912, afterwards seeking a worldwide range of expansion meanwhile founded also in Turkey, in 2005; recording significant progress in the development of a continuous business focus with respect of quality and customer satisfaction now looks for an hands-on Lab Application Specialist who will be an intricate part of our laboratory for food and nutrition.


The applicant is expected to be able to carry out application work in the following product groups, using existing recipes in order to prepare the product by developing a new recipe:

Beverage (carbonated-non-carbonated-powder, fruit juice etc)

Sweet Goods (hard boiled candy, jelly, filling, cake gel, bakery etc)

Savoury (crisps, cracker, ketchup, mayonnaise, powder soup bullion etc)




- Preparing and developing the latest product recipes for all our food product groups.

- Choosing and proposing raw material or flavour on product basis or on customer demands.

- Making sure that data is accurately recorded in accordance to guidelines by use a range of software, techniques and equipment to carry out research and analysis.

- Providing creative ideas by anticipating demanded products as well as the market needs, following the market products, sharing new developments with the team.

- Organizing tasting panels; to let sales and other colleges to be aware what runs in the lab what are the new recipes as well as following market products, new launches.

- Following and supporting the implementations of innovations in food legislation.

- Developing laboratory equipment and materials proactively, being very sensitive about safety issues in the application lab.




- Bachelors Degree in Food Engineering, preferably from reputable universities.

- 3-6 years of trackable experience in laboratory application, preferably in food and nutrition industry.

- Strong attention to detail in order to produce accurate, precise, and reproducible data with strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills.

- Excellent written and oral communication skills – ability to make presentations and/or give presentations if needed.

- Task oriented and results driven by strong work ethic and prioritisational skills.

- Ability to work collaboratively with various departments to compile, analyze, and interpret data

- Fluency in English and excellent detail-focus skill set.

- Strong analytical outlook and an innovative approach to laboratory activities.

- Pro-active, self-starter, willing to accept responsibility for laboratory and product-related tasks.