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Note: Due to COVID-19, you may experience some delay in the progress of this recruitment campaign. We are working hard to minimise any disruption. You may find more information in the Additional Information section below.

The British Embassy in Ankara is part of a worldwide network representing British political, economic and consular interests overseas and is now looking for a Market Access Policy Advisor.

This is an exciting time to join the Department for International Trade (DIT). Our aim is to promote British trade and investment across the world which is vital for the prosperity of the UK.

DIT brings together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment in markets across the world to help businesses succeed. This is a great opportunity to be part of an international team that contributes to the success of the UK's trade goals.

As the UK leaves the EU, it is critical that the UK maintains a strong relationship on trade. This role is an exciting opportunity to work at the centre of that relationship in a fast-changing context, where the successful candidate will work to strengthen and reinforce UK trade policy presence and expertise in these key posts.

The successful candidate will work with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to identify and resolve market access barriers in a rapidly changing and reforming economy. For example addressing market access issues that arise in the changing context. This includes working with businesses and Government in the UK and Turkey to understand regional market access barriers, having a strategic overview on barriers to UK businesses, developing appropriate policy responses in conjunction with Whitehall colleagues and other partners as required.

The role will require occasional travel in Turkey and to the UK, you should be available to start no later than 31 July.

Main duties and responsibilities:

This role will involve working closely with the UK Trade Attaché in Ankara to drive our market access and trade policy agenda in Turkey:

  • Develop relationships with a range of stakeholders including government, industry and business, to build a network for information and influence;
  • Share understanding of market access issues;
  • Address country-specific trade barriers/market access issues, influencing through the EECAN (Eastern Europe and Central Asia Network) market access coordinator role or through other relevant channels;
  • Work closely with DIT and FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) colleagues, as well as wider cooperation between different missions and markets across the region, to ensure a one HMG (Her Majesty's Government) approach;
  •  Work with the Trade Attaché in Ankara and the EECAN market access co-coordinator to advise and prioritise where HMG should focus its resource and attention to address trade policy priorities and trade barriers;
  • Work with the Trade Attaché in Ankara and EECAN market access coordinator to deal with and resolving market access barriers, working with businesses and Government. Prioritising barriers in key companies and sectors; conducting research on market access issues and keeping up to date with latest policy developments; Uploading market access issues onto the Digital Market Access Service and update with progress on resolving to gather intelligence on market access barriers faced by UK businesses;
  • Administration activities will include uploading barriers onto the digital system, updating the system with progress made to resolve them and gathering intelligence to inform strategic action plans to resolve barriers;
  • Assist the Trade Attaché with key Ministerial and PM’s Trade Envoy visits from the UK.

Conducting research on market access issues: Conducting research and develop a good working relationship with a wide range of stakeholders, analyse the data to identify and understand market access barriers and the key sectors impacted, including:

  • UK Companies - To understand their needs, what the main barriers are and analyse how policy changes undertaken by the Turkish government impact them;
  • Turkish Government – Understand what reforms the Turkish government are trying to implement to open up the business and investment environment in the country, identifying risks and opportunities. Provide strategic advice on where the UK can offer advice/assistance to help achieve these changes/goals;
  • UK Government - Work with Whitehall colleagues and partners at Post to identify what assistance/support the UK is already providing to both the Turkish government and UK companies. Review the impact to date - what has worked and what lessons have been learnt. Key partners include Programme team, Political and Public Diplomacy team in the Embassy; regional DFID (Department for International Development) and CSSF (Conflict, Stability and Security Fund) teams; EECAD in the FCO; DIT Market Access team in London and Istanbul. Consult with IFI’s locally on economic reform/governance.

Keeping up to date with latest policy developments: The reforms in Turkey are fast moving and it will be necessary to ensure that you are up-to-date with key policy changes in a number of areas that have the potential to impact UK businesses;

Develop a strategic approach to market access issues: In Turkey the reform programme means that there may more opportunities to address market access barriers than in most countries. Agreeing a strategic approach with Whitehall partners and post using a range of tools that may be available e.g. Programme funding to providing technical assistance, sharing experience - study tours to the UK, policy advice, recommendations to be taken forward to negotiations;

Implement the new Digital Market Access Service in Turkey to gather intelligence on market access barriers: Upload identified market access barriers in your country, update with progress on regulation, working closely with market access team and analyst in London and to shape economic analysis for your region.  Provide support to the DIT in the Spending Review.