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Position Purpose & Summary


Process Development Specialist is responsible for process/technology/system improvement of existing fat & liquid refinery processes,  investigation of best practices, improvement of operating performance, testing and start-up of new process (also works with the other locations), supporting investment projects, supporting and replacing line supervisor.

Principal Accountabilities



  • Responsible for improvement of existing fat & liquid refinery processes by increasing efficiency or decreasing cost. Organizes trials with production team and proposes for investment and improvement projects.
  • Ensures an efficient and quick introduction of the technological improvements in the  fat & liquid refinery processes.
  • Interacts with external suppliers through Purchasing department in order to test or replace any kind of equipments or consumables.
  • Works with Maintenance & Reliability group in order to imrove efficiency of existing process equipments
  • Works with Quality group for improvement projects in testing period of proposed equipment or consumable to define net benefit.
  • Primary contact with Central PDG (Refinery)and U.S PDG and responsible for transferring cost value added knowledge and projects in both directions in annual basis.
  • Follows and monitors the energy efficiency of the whole plant and looks for energy optimization projects , defines cost competitive production in coordination with Energy Leader.
  • Studies work flow, industrial systems and production methods as well equipment layout, material handling and equipment utilization to improve operating performance.
  • Jointly with the line manager, proposes and implements the appropriate adaptation of the instruction manuals and trains the production people to get them understand the changes.

  • Prepares the Project Charters with Production Supervisors for improvement, cost reduction, capacity increase etc. projects.
  • Prepares Standart Operation Procedures (SOP) together with production supervisor.



  • Responsible of testing and start-up of new processes
  • Responsible for process information requirements of capex projects of Liquid & Fat Refineries.
  • Works with the other locations to help them for engineering calculations, equipment layout, programming and start-up of new projects.



  • Conducts engineering studies to justify the purchase or building of plant and equipment required for new manufacturing methods. Surveys all manufacturing operations to determine areas of process investigation.
  • Project leader for transfer of knowledge from different Cargill locations and suppliers.
  • Prepares and proposes process projects with supporting documents. Writes and follows up MOC and PIF forms for Engineering Department.
  • Makes necessary conference calls with Central PDG and US PDG to investigate projects and benchmark kpi values.



  • Manages CMO implementations, CMO audits and audit plans, reviews up dates in documents. Shares changes with related groups.
  • Responsible for achievement of the Business Unit’s goals of food safety and co-ordinating the internal communication about food safety efficiently. Reports the problems with proposed solutions about food safety to related people. Takes the action with MOC and PIF forms.
  • Participates to HACCP and Risk Assessment analyses to look after that the productive processes are maintained in the defined efficiency limits.  Looks for improvement opportunities for customer satisfaction and profitability in both directions .



  • Follows up chemical and system efficiency at  fat & liquid refinery departments. (Daily, montly and annualy)
  • Prepares montly reports about KPI for internal and external contacts
  • Prepares budget and follows up the year to date budget values.



  • Supports and replaces line supervisor. Has a good departmental relationship to attend the needs of the production departments.
  • Identifies the problematic areas in the process and develops action plans to make better. Proposes appropriate solutions about problems.
  • Attends & follows the relevant congress, fairs etc.
  • Proposes new solutions in terms of Safety, Health and Environment.  If project based solution is necessary, out of  EHS audit, EHS tours, takes necessary actions.
  • Proposes new solutions in terms of FoodSafety, GMP and HACCP.  If project based solution is necessary, out of  FS audit, Haccp tours, takes necessary actions.
Required Qualifications
  • University degree from Chemical (or Food) Engineering. 
  • Min 5 years of experience in vegetable oil production as engineering positions like Process Development or Production Engineer
  • Knowledge about Fat&Liquid Refinery processes.
  • Project management principles and execution.
  • Knowledge about statistical process control,  management systems (ISO22000,OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001), EHS policies, risk assessments and root cause analysis methods.
  • Good computer knowledge
  • Good presentations skills.
  • Fluency in English
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking and Problem solving techniques
  • Good mental resilience & agility


Preferred Qualifications


  • High Level Excel knowledge is preferred
  • Minitab knowledge is preferred
  • SAP knowledge is preferred

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