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  • Remain completely familiar with customers’ information through customer database and info flow with RM/Sales Team.
  • Handle customer inquiries and investigations, either during the call or later, return to the customer within the promised time or provide feedback on the status.
  • Actively participate in resolution of issues. Follow-up daily issues remaining open from previous day and provide current status to customer and RM/Sales Team. Proactively monitor /drive issues to.
  • Enter all customer and internal issues, inquiries/investigations received into STARS database and make sure that all calls to be cleared within standards. Review data and provide reports to RM/Sales Team and management as.
  • Assist supervisors to establish and keep a controlled environment with attention to key risk areas, and apply procedures and policies fully.
  • Document all identified operational issues and inefficiencies. Bring them to supervisors’ attention, propose/develop solutions in cooperation with RM/Sales Team and appropriate Operations Manager. Take responsibility in the implementation of agreed.
  • Prepare audit/tax reports upon customer request.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled customer calls with RM/Sales Team.
  • Maintain proficiency on all bank products and enhancements .
  • Quote TD and Repo rates to customers (within the guidelines were given by RM/Sales Team) and inform Operations departments regarding the transactions.
  • Monitor account balances; to notify customers for possible transaction related overdrafts
  • Quote loan rates to customers and respond to loan requests, prepare/communicate availement needs, arrange loan liquidations, and give necessary instructions to processing units (within the guidelines were given by Treasury and RM/Sales Team), follow up actions taken.
  • Ensure Credit Policy Procedures are followed prior to availement.
  • Quote exchange rates (based on Treasury B/E and guidelines set by RM/Sales Team).
  • Take responsibility in preparation and analysis of customer activity to conduct reviews with RM/Sales Team and Supervisor, (a) for additional bank revenue opportunities (i.e. cross sell opportunities) and (b) to discuss opportunities for customer expense reduction and service improvement; take necessary action(s) upon agreed.
  • Prepare customer presentations from data in line with the supervisor’s directions.
  • Pay special attention to usage of ACD system functions (ACW/AUX etc.) efficiently/accurately.
  • Be ready for a temporary back-up assignment of a CSO when needed.
  • Actively participate in department staff review of issues and resolutions for ongoing applications and problems solved.
  • Assist supervisors in special projects and give support for the formation of the restructuring.
  • Follow-up on all issues and ensure timely resolution is achieved and communicated to customers.
  • Responsible for defining standards to deliver customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty together with Unit Head and implement mechanisms to follow and improve these standards.
  • Review and control STARS database and make sure that inquiries logged in and all calls cleared within standards. Utilize the STARS database to analyze issues and make recommendations for further action. Review data and provide periodic reports to RM/Sales Team and management as appropriate and focus on cross sell opportunities.
  • Initiate service related customer calls to discuss issues and proposed resolutions for ongoing problems.
  • Prepare and present MIS reporting to management when requested.


  • University Degree in preferably Business Adm.; Economics or Engineering departments
  • Should have two years’ experience preferably with customer service background and an understanding of banking systems
  • Intermediate English is required.
  • Should have strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills; and good knowledge of the businesses and bank products.
  • Exceptional candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered for the role provided they have the necessary skills and experience.
  • Valuing Diversity
  • Demonstrates an appreciation of a diverse workforce. Appreciates differences in style or perspective and uses differences to add value to decisions or actions and organizational success.



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