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o    Standard Controls Test Plan – Being responsible to execute Standard Controls Test Plan, review country specific processes based on any local requirements, ensure timely submission of review results and corrective actions with focus on content & quality. Work with Operations in planning corrective actions and ongoing analysis and monitoring of exceptions trend.

o    Proactive reviews – Execute proactive review schedule for the year including:

§  Health checks: Conduct targeted reviews focused on specific operating areas /functions or a business unit driven by control concerns/high risk areas/OREs.

§  Process deep-dive: Conduct front to back review of a function of business aligned process driven by function/process failures and control indicators.

§  Conformance reviews: Conduct targeted reviews to ensurecompliance/conformance with procedures and programs relating to operations global, regional functional policies etc. driven by new or changed policies, standards or directives, audit and business monitoring issues.

o    Controls advisory - Provide guidance to Operations as it relates to control design. Control evaluation of NPACs and key policies, standards, directives as it relates to Operations. 

o    Risk & control support - On an ad-hoc basis, provide any specific onsite support on the following areas TPM, COB, Fraud Management, Entitlements, EUCs.

o    Control forums – Participate in Risk & Controls forums, focus on emerging trends and key risk indicators, be engaged in key developments and awareness.

o    Provide guidance on MPP (Manual Payments Processing) to Operations, monitor MPP deviations. Review of MPP process and underlying controls on periodic basis.

o    Ops Risk Events (ORE) oversight (e.g. PLE/Near Miss, Ops Losses etc.) – Provide guidance & be point of escalation, follow through units to ensure timelines are adhered to for input into system, challenge remedial actions and root cause. Check data quality for OREs and be part of the approval chain wherever required. Work with stake holders in root cause analysis and documenting lessons learnt.

o    Audit interface & oversight - In partnership with Operations, ensure a state of audit readiness at any point of time. Close monitoring of the IA, regulatory and other reviews.

o    CAP(Corrective ActionPlan) management – Be engaged with Operations through full lifecycle of CAP, review of the CAPs prior to raising in iCAPs system to ensure the quality of the CAP, perform validation to ensure sustainable remediation for level 3 and above and all Internal Audit CAPS.

o    KRI oversight & challenge – Monitor metrics and key risk indicators via Operations MIS and ICG dashboards. Analyze and monitor emerging trends, engage with Operations to drive remediation, challenge key risk items within Operations metrics and continuous monitoring for improvements in key risk indicators.

o    MCA oversight - Review the effectiveness of MCA and ensure it properly covers risks & controls for area of responsibility, monitoring methodologies capture the issues effectively.

o    Balance Sheet Exceptions Reporting - Monitor BSER exceptions, work with Operations to understand key BSER risk items for escalation where required, monitor trends and variances, work with operations on remediation plans and minimize manual touch points.

o    Red account oversight - Monitor the number and value of red accounts, review underlying root cause, analyze and monitor trends, work with Account Owner/Proof Owner on remediation.

o    End User Computing EUC Oversight - Understand and evaluate inherent and residual risk, work with Operations to mitigate use of EUCs, oversight and advice to ensure all EUCs are registered and correctly classified.

o    Effective back up & succession plans.

o    Enhance the culture of controls and reinforce the institutional operating principles & code of conduct.

o    Enhance the controls plan by identifying opportunities to improve, eliminate, automate and/or centralize controls testing to focus on pro-active reviews and extend coverage to all ICG business lines.

o    Participate in projects as per supervisor requirements and guidelines.


o    3+ years of core Banking Operations & Controls

o    English level on Upper intermediate or above level


o    Bachelor's degree, preferably in business, accounting, or finance is the minimum educational requirement


o    Ability to work under pressure and priorities within tight deadlines across different time zones,

o    Identify problems, gather evidence through research, evaluate options & derive conclusions

o    Attention to details - summarizing, reporting accurately.

o    Good verbal and written communication

o    Technical or professional proficiency

o    Team play

o    Relationship building for personal benefit, personal results

o    Using company tools, processes & procedures


o    Strong interpersonal skills

o    Prioritization

o    Analytical thinking

o    Attention to details

o    Good written and verbal communication skills

o    Computer competency – working with MS Office

o    Self-starter



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