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CMS Glass Machinery was founded in 1995 in Istanbul and has become the first major company in Turkey producing flat glass processing equipment and technologies. Today, due to the technology and innovation studies performed in CMS R&D Center, CMS has become one of the unique global corporations that is able to build a whole glass processing facility on its own, through 30 main products and over 200 derivatives.


While being adomestic leading company in its own field, CMS has also become a global brand with 80% export rate. We have created solutions for more than 10.000 customers in 125 countries with more than 15.000 machines supplied and has become one of the key vendors leading the global glass processing market.

CMS has achieved to be listed along with the top global key role player companies according to the surveys conducted by international organizations.

Join us to be part of CMS family to learn and create together.


·        Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Materials, Aerospace, Aeronautical, Manufacturing, Mechatronics or Automotive Engineering (MS/MBA a plus)

·        Having minimum 5 years of experience in designing and developing high technology products, mechatronic systems, machines and/or robotic systems.

·        Fluent in English to support international work environment, additional German is welcome

·        Professional with at least one of the 3D design software (preferably Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor)

·        Familiarity with Manufacturing, Assembly and Inspection Processes (milling, turning, welding, braze etc.)

·        Ability to conduct idea evaluation, benchmarking, feasibility study, cost calculation/estimation, concept design, technical calculations, design reviews and DFMEA

·        Disciplined and well-organized in documentation (plans, requirements, technical drawings, design reviews, and test methods).

·        Knowledge working with ERP systems

·        Possess excellent time management skills. Be able to take the initiative to meet deadlines and the ability to prioritize workload with minimal supervision in a team environment.

Would be an asset

·        GD&T Experience.

·        Understanding of CAE tools (FEA, CFD, etc.)

·        Experience in project management, working with cross functional, multicultural teams globally.

·        Have a driver's license

·        No restriction to travel


The candidate will be responsible for; 

·        Following up the project from beginning to the delivery

·        Think outside of the box and act proactively to create cost and technology wise solutions

·        Generate innovative system designs for new and existing products using necessary tools and programs

·        Preparing the documentations for design output (inc. engineering B.O.M.’s)

·        Supervise Motion Control and PLC Programing for Robotic Systems and Fully Automated Machineries

·        Confers with engineering and technical personnel regarding manufacturing and testing of prototype systems, and modifies design as required.

·        Writing technical and material standards and documentation of engineering drawings, revision history, etc.

·        Present design concepts to Engineering, Marketing and Sales through sketches, renderings, models, controlled drawings and reports.

·        Set up meetings and track action items

·        Make sure developed system meets EU regulations and machine safety regulations (CE)

.        Support for internal quality plan of the organization



Firma Sektörü:

Üretim / Endüstriyel Ürünler

Çalışma Şekli:

Hafta içi 07.00 - 17.00

Haftasonu (Cumartesi) -

Haftasonu (Pazar) -

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:


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