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Pharmacovigilance Specialist Assistant

About the position:

DeltaPV is looking for a Pharmacovigilance Specialist Assistant to join our ambitious and growing team. This position will allow you to gain valuable experience in pharmacovigilance and collaboration in the creation and maintenance of a national and international pharmacovigilance system. You will be responsible for collecting, reporting and reviewing pharmacovigilance data, as well as assisting in the preparation of pharmacovigilance reports. As the pharmacovigilance department in DeltaPV, our goal is to complete and prepare pharmacovigilance reports with a good quality in a timely manner to support our clients with our services.

About DeltaPV:

DeltaPV is a leading pharmacovigilance service provider company. DeltaPV is focused on supporting pharmaceutical companies by collecting and processing safety data of their pharmaceutical products. DeltaPV is a fast-growing company working with over 200 pharmaceutical company and providing service in over 80 countries. With responsibility of over 5000 pharmaceutical products, the mission of the company is to help understand the safety profiles of the pharmaceutical products by collecting and working with safety data related to the products.


-    *Performing tasks determined by Pharmacovigilance Manager or Team Leaders based on weekly work planning meetings.

-    *Performing tasks in cooperation with the Pharmacovigilance Specialists according to a specified plan

-    *Supporting weekly/monthly local and global literature screening

-     *Entering cases into database system and generating their formal reports

-  *Preparing Periodic Safety Update Reports for local companies and supporting for archiving such reports

-    *Preparing Pharmacovigilance System Master File supporting for archiving such files

-     *Supporting organisation of hard copy archive

-      *Supporting follow-up of safety alerts

-      *Ensuring that reconciliation process is in place and performed regularly with clients

-     *Delivering pharmacovigilance trainings to DeltaPV contractual partners' personnel, when required

-       *Ensuring continuity of PV activities in the absence of a Pharmacovigilance Specialist

-       *Following the principles of data integrity, confidentiality and personal data protection, as applicable

-       *Continuously developing his/her professional and personal skills and participating in pharmacovigilance relevant trainings


Role Qualifications:

-          A Pharmacy degree (Mandatory)

-          Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Turkish

-          1 year of work experience is preferred, but we also welcome fresh graduates.

-          Experience in pharmaceutical companies is an advantage.

-          Exposure to healthcare/life-sciences industry is an advantage.

Expected skills:

-          Exceptional analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills.

-          Well-organized personality with attention to details.

-          Ability to work under pressure and urgent deadlines.

-          Strong planning and reporting skills.

-          Demonstrated track record of innovative thinking.

-          Ability to develop and interpret policies and to perform multiple tasks

-          Ability to work as an assistant for a team

What we offer:

-          A competitive salary.

-          Extensive pharmacovigilance experience in a fast-growing sector.

-          Ability to work together with the pharmacovigilance team

-        Opportunity to work with various pharmaceutical companies, allowing you to gain insight of different businesses.

-          Working from home option between 1 to 3 times a week.