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Project Manager

Are you ready to join the DOKAY family and make change  to the car rental industry’s future real with us?

We are looking for a Project Manager to join who will be able to work with an enthusiasm for implementing pioneering steps on the subject of software solutions. 

We believe that highly competitive solutions can only be developed by the motivated and enthusiastic team. That’s why our team members have been selected among the top engineers and specialists in the market. We are experts in developing solutions for car rental operations. If you want to be part of this restless team, come & join our talented team and share our goal that is to take the technology to the next level with creative, fast, efficient, and secure solutions


Here is the details of our job posting:

What skills do you have?

We are looking for an energetic team member who will work as full-time Project Manager with following qualifications:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields

·         5+ years of Project Management experience

·         3+ years of software development experience

·     5+ years of TÜBİTAK, R&D and Design Center, KOSGEB etc. incentive applications experience

·         Total experience of 8-12 years

·         Car rental operations experience is a plus

·         Knowledge of Object Oriented concepts and technologies

·         Knowledge of Software Development Processes

·         Knowledge of Software Design Patterns

·         Knowledge of Modern Web Technologies

·         Knowledge of Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

·         Good understanding of Product Management concept

·         Personal & team coaching experience is a plus

·         Customer experience management is a plus

·         PMP Certification or equivalent experience is a plus.

·         Efficient project running, negotiation and conflict management

·         Strong troubleshooting skills

·         Powerful verbal, written, presentation, facilitation, communication, relationship building skills

·         Ability to quickly build confidence and trust with senior managers and teams

·         Ability to work well under pressure,

·         Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work cooperatively in a high-performing team,

·         Using Visio, MS Project, JIRA and HP PPM tools for tracking the projects and ensuring that they are utilized by the team as well,

·         Excellent interpersonal skills required to contribute in a team environment

·         Fluency in English (both verbal and written)

·         Have Proactive Behavior and Analytical Mind

·         Strong qualified in written and spoken communication skills

·         Military service completed for male candidates

What you will do?

·         You will work with a highly talented and friendly agile team of developers, in an exciting project environment, designing a cutting-edge platform. 

·         You will be innovative, bold, have a flair for solving complex business challenges and be willing to do what it takes to get the job done

·         You will work with business teams to plan business requirements

·         You will design business processes and do functional and technical analysis

·         You will make and coordinate functional & UAT tests for responsible applications

·         You will collaborate with developers, analysts, architects, and customers

·         Developing a systematic approach to project process and roadmap

·         Management of TÜBİTAK, R&D and Design Center, KOSGEB, Foreign Exchange Earning Transactions, etc. incentive or support programs.

·         Executing high performing team framework and leading agile project activities

·         Facilitating product based organisation maturity via implementing product management practices

·         Establishing, developing and maintaining long-term relationships with product/project teams

·         Listening and understanding their challenges and requirements - technical, business and cultural

·         Managing multiple projects and teams and ensuring excellent delivery of project activities

·         Acting as a hub in the organization for leadership development and team

What we offer

·         Flexible working hours

·         Private health insurance

·         Generous vacation policy

·         Continuously learning and development opportunities

·         Attending to technical congress and conferences

·         Wide range of technology

·         Build up your project with innovation funnel