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Mersin / Turkey

Areas of Interest: Mechatronics, Electronics,Electrical Engineering

We are seeking for a Mechatronic capable of developing next-gen Industrial Control System platforms and automation solutions. This position will be exposed to the development of custom communications protocols, PLC optimization, diagnostics development and mechatronic equipment design.Through the application of professionally accepted engineering techniques, you will be part of the Manufacturing & Design team dedicated to advancing the design & fabrication of components for Oil, Gas, and Water Industries.

This position is located at our new R&D facility located in Mersin / Turkey. You will report to the Sr. Engineering Manager.

As a part of the team, you will work with Technologists and Engineers responsible for developing and delivering the most advanced equipment and process technology for various industries; such as oil, gas, petrochemical, marine and water.

Responsibilities include:

Given specific functional requirements modify, test, release, and control PLC and process system control applications.

Under operational conditions test and debug machine mechatronic and communication failures to understand and correct root-cause failure mode.

Provide equipment support for the advanced prototyping of development materials that will be evaluated in R&D products.

Perform a variety of engineering and technical functions associated with R&D process development.

Design and perform laboratory experiments to evaluate machine concepts, optimize design, and perform analysis to enhance overall capability of processes equipment.

Support installation and commissioning activities and train customers.


Bachelors of Mechatronic or Electrical Engineering with coursework on Robotics, and/or Automation Engineering.

Professional understanding of the industry accepted equipment safety engineering risk assessment and evaluation protocols.

General controls engineering skills and experience such as:

Read and create engineering drawings

Test and troubleshoot electronic, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems

Design, build, and programming of

Digital and Analog IO, Stepper and Servo motion controls systems

Remote device controls using Profibus, RS232, Digital IO, etc

Design and programming process tools including:

Graphic User Interface

Warnings, errors, alarms, and associated recovery routines

Specific controls engineering skills and experience debugging machine mechatronic failure modes (reading machine status real-time from PLC and state-machine data).

Having the skills in specific control disciplines, following:

• advance process control (APC)

• distributed control systems (DCS)

• programmable logic controllers (PLC) Siemens or similar PLC programming experience with PLC/SCADA integration

• supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Proficient with SolidWorks developing electrical schematics using AutoCAD Electrical (2010 or newer)

Ability to apply statistical analysis, quality control, using tools such as flow-charting, design and drafting support, document control.

Critical thinking, able to determine appropriate engineering methods, techniques, and procedures for new assignments.

Türkçe Özet :

Endüstriyel Otomasyon, Elektrik, Elektronik, Mekatronik bölümlerinden mezun.

Hidrolik/Pnömatik/Elektrik-Elektronik konularında bilgi sahibi

Solidworks yazılımı kullanabilen

PLC yazılımı konusunda tecrübeli.

Redüktör, AC Motor, Servo Motor ve Servo Sürücüler konusunda bilgi ve deneyim sahibi,