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Etstur, one of the leading brands of Turkish tourism sector, was established in 1991 to provide package tour and hotel accommodation service. Etstur, under the leadership of Mehmet Ersoy, has been breaking new grounds by growing rapidly since its establishment due to its visionary approach in organized travel sector. Featuring its innovative approach in the sector, the brand carries out the sales and marketing of thousands of hotels domestically. Releasing hundreds of tour packages comprising 60 destinations in Turkey and about 40 in abroad, Etstur hosts many brands. Etstur boosts the consumer in tourism and travel fields with Didimtur, the travel agency providing service to large masses, Jetset, issuing customized and luxurious travel packages, Ucuzabilet.com, carrying out the sales of flight tickets for affordable prices, Otelpuan.com, publishing the objective reviews of the guests about the properties, Odamax.com, the online accommodation platform, Etsmice, the solution partner of corporate world in travel and organization planning and Lets Go, a magazine of travel trends. Following up closely the changing travel habits over the world, Etstur also aspires the developments in technology as in any field. Shaping its framework with this aspect in future planning, the brand sustains its technologic transformation to deliver the best service for the guests.


  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from relevant departments,
  • Excellent command of English,
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in e-commerce sector,
  • Experienced in e-commerce infrastructure and business processes (Operations, Category Management, Marketing, Sales),
  • Excellent command of digital trends and technology,
  • Experienced in team management,  
  • Prone to development and improvement,
  • Analytical thinker, well-developed problem solving skills,
  • Good command and active in development of Digital Customer Experience processes,
  • Having knowledge of Google Adwords & Analytics, CRM practices, Campaign management.


  • Determining and implementing e-commerce strategies,
  • Planning annual and periodic budgets, management of such in line with the determined targets,
  • Managing in coordination with the relevant teams the productivity and development process of e-commerce platform,
  • Ensuring editorial and operational processes of e-commerce platform are perfectly carried out,
  • Reporting all processes regarding e-commerce to top management,
  • Managing product development processes,
  • Managing the processes with solution partners and suppliers,
  • Following the requests and complaints of the customers regarding e-commerce within the scope of customer satisfaction,
  • Evaluating the feedbacks of the customers,  
  • Receiving the needs and suggestions of the customers and producing quick solutions to exceed their expectations,
  • Ensuring coordination with digital marketing teams and agencies,
  • Campaign management,
  • Conducting necessary activities to gain new customers,
  • Setting up competitive online sales strategies,
  • Following the sector and performing competitor analyses,
  • Working in coordination with the teams on software and design needs of e-commerce channels and ensuring necessary developments and improvements are made,
  • Sharing the feedbacks received over e-commerce channels with the relevant teams and ensuring the improvement of online experience,
  • Determining the probable errors and process improvement needs through regular controls. 



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Haftaiçi 09.00 - 19.00

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