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Ford Otosan Product Development invites bright engineering graduates to join in our development teams for challenging international Engine, Powertrain and Vehicle Projects.
General Requirements :

•B.Sc/M.Sc degree in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Aerospace Engineering from a reputable university in Turkey or abroad
•Outstanding academic record
•Fluent in English to support international work environment
•No restriction in travelling to abroad frequently
•Self motivation and discipline
•Interested in designing and developing high technology diesel/gasoline engines, powertrain and vehicle systems.
No military service obligation will be treated as a very important asset for male candidates.
Ph.D will be considered as an asset.
4th year and M.Sc/Ph.D Students can also apply to the open positions.
Please do not forget to indicate the position code or codes you would like to apply.
The only measurement searched at the recruitment and employment is qualification of suitability for the job; without discrimination equal opportunity is provided.


Technical Specialist – Advanced Engineering/Research - Code: RNA

•Responsible for development of new technologies in the field of engine and powertrain systems
•Responsible for advanced engineering activities to support concept phase of engine and powertrain systems design and development programs
•Develops core foundation documents, advanced engineering tools and methodologies
RNA candidates are expected to have:
•Minimum M.S., preferably Ph.D. degree in the relevant fields
•Research projects and/or work experience in relevant fields;
• Tribology, Lubrication, Friction, Piston-Ring Dynamics, Wear Mechanisms
•Advanced Multi-body Dynamics, Control Systems, Acoustics, Mechanical Vibrations, Neural Networks, Mechanisms
•Combustion, Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative Fuels, Computational Heat Transfer, Spray Combustion
•Automotive Catalysts, Exhaust Emission Control, Chemical Kinetics
•Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery
•Plasticity, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Contact Mechanics of Graded and Coated Surfaces, Fracture Mechanics, Impact Mechanics, Theory of Elasticity

Design and Release Engineer -  Code: DRE 

•Responsible for design and development of the systems and components from concept phase to final product phase (quality, cost, weight, and function)
•Uses state of the art CAD/CAE tools, develops Product Development processes, core foundation documents, knowledge base for the systems and components they are responsible for
DRE are the business owners for their parts/sub-systems and act as the single point of contact for the suppliers for engineering direction
DRE candidates are expected to:
•Have good knowledge of manufacturing methods
•Have good communication skills
•Be eager to perform design and development of engine and powertrain components
•Have good knowledge of product development quality tools and methods
 Any of the following will be considered as an asset;
•Work experience in engine design and development field
•Experience in 3D CAD tools (Ideas, CATIA) and parametric design
•Profound engine and/or powertrain systems knowledge
•Hands on CAE experience
Test and Methodologies Engineer - Code: TME

•Develop system level design verification plans using reliability methods
•Follow up and/or execute system level engine tests
•Perform engine teardowns and post-test inspections
•Lead and perform mechanical development activities
TME candidates are expected to have:
•Good knowledge of product development quality tools and methods
•Excellent communication skills and team oriented
 Any of the following will be considered as an asset;
•Work experience in engine development field
•Experience in design of experiments
•Profound engine and/or powertrain systems knowledge
Engine and Powertrain Calibration and Controls Engineers - Code: CALCON

•Development (design, testing and validation) of calibrations and tools for engine control units to meet emissions, performance, economy, driveability and NVH targets of new and existing engines and powertrains,
•Development of engine and powertrain control software features

Engine/Powertrain Calibration and Controls Engineers expected to:
•has very good knowledge and special interest in internal combustion engines, automotive engineering and their testing systems
•have a strong background in control systems theory
•are experienced in Matlab/Simulink
•have experience on optimisation methods, engine and powertrain simulation and modeling techniques, design of experiments
•have good knowledge of product development quality tools and methods
Project Management/Coordination Engineers   - Code: PMCE
The Project Management/Coordination team is looking for candidates who;
•Has B.Sc. or M.S. degree in mechanical or industrial  engineering from a reputable leading university and good academic record
•Is an effective team player, has excellent interpersonal skills, is self motivated and  result-oriented, willing to take initiative and drive a team for results
•Haspreferable1-2 years of experience in product development teams in automotive business
•Has knowledge on project management and coordination skills
•Is enthusiastic about coordination of developing combustion engines andpowertrainsystems
•Is professional in MS Office and MS Project
Design Engineers -  Code: CADE

•Responsible for design and development of powertrain components using CAD software
•Performs engineering calculations of moderate complexity and does dimensional analysis, including tolerance stack-ups.
•Lead Design and Drawing Reviews for new components on assigned projects

Design Engineers for Powertrain CAD Team who:
•Have 3D modelling skills and strong analytical skills and be able to resolve technical design issues
•Casting design experience or equivalent manufacturing design experience is strongly preferred.  
•Are experienced in CATIA V5 and/or I-DEAS or one of the 3D CAD softwares
•Are familiar with and able to properly apply GD&T to casting, machining and assembly models and drawings per ASME/ANSI Y14.5-1994
•Must have knowledge of parametric design and design to manufacture
•Are preferably experienced in CATIA V5 analysis tools and has studied  structural analysis
•Are preferably familiar with the engines and engine components
CAE/NVH Engineers
Structural Analysis Engineers - Code: ANAE
Analysis Engineers for Powertrain CAE Team who:
•Have studied or experienced in one structural analysis, machine dynamics, vibration or acoustics modeling
•Are enthusiastic about developing powertrain systems for high technology diesel and gasoline engines
•Are experienced in finite elements, dynamics or vibration theory and software such as Abaqus, Nastran, Adams, AVL Excite
•Preferably have completed his national service for male candidates
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Engineers -  Code: CFDE
CFD Analysis Engineers for Powertrain CAE Team who;
•Have studied or experienced in 3D computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics modeling and emissions development
•Are experienced in at least one 3D CFD software such as Fluent, Star CD, AVL Fire and also in Hypermesh, Icem-CFD or a similar pre-processor
•Are enthusiastic about developing combustion and emissions aftertreatment systems for high technology diesel and gasoline engines
•Preferably have completed military service
•Preferably can use one of the 3D CAD design program (preferably CATIA, IDEAS)
•Preferably have knowledge of a combustion modeling software such as Kiva and a chemical modeling software such as Chemkin

Engine & Powertrain NVH Development / Analysis Engineers -  Code: PTNVH

•Responsible for NVH development/testing and CAE in the development of engine and powertrain systems
•Develops core foundation documents, advanced engineering tools and methodologies
Candidates are expected to have:
•B.S. in Mechanical, Aeronautical or Mechatronics Eng
•M.S. or Ph.D. degree in the NVH relevant fields is a very important asset
•Very good knowledge of Mechanisms, Dynamics and Mechanical vibrations 
•Experience in the following fields is an asset: Acoustics; Finite Element Analysis, Boundary Element Analysis; Multi-body;  Dynamics, Control Systems; Engine dynamics, vehicle dynamics; Engine NVH, Powertrain NVH, Vehicle NVH; Flow induced vibrations; Modal analysis and testing

 “İşe alım ve istihdamda tek ölçü olarak işe uygunluk vasfı aranır; ayrımcılık yapmadan fırsat eşitliği sağlanır."

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