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·         Being graduated from Public Relations , Economics, Marketing, Advertising and Journalism , Communication, Economics and Administrative Sciences, or any other related field,

·         Having minimum of 7 years of experience in advertising, marketing,  PR  / Ad agencies   mass media releases,

·         Having excellent command of English (listening - writing-speaking),

·         Having excellent and improving command of Microsoft Office applications and social media facilities plus having significant experience  in marketing and public relations,

·         Having high efficiency in  constant communication vias, thus, strong verbal and written communication skills,

·         Being highly motivated, well organized, detail-oriented, creative and innovative, and having the capability of  good time management and also organization, planning, monitoring and reporting skills,

·         Being a resident in Asia Side / willing to be a resident in Asia Side of İstanbul.



The job of Brand Communications Chief is to involve ensuring all team members by the following ;


·         To be responsible for leading the brand communications facilities in continually enhancing a particular and strong brand image,

·         To  increase brand awareness through advertisements, mass media, partnerships, and related  marketing agencies,

·         To monitor the delivery of the brand direction and to recommend areas of improvement,

·         To be responsible for creating and implementing a long-term communication strategy,

·         To select and manage communications with external agencies, as well as to develop  media marketing strategies and other non-campaign activities,

·         To be in charge of providing strategic input and direction for the brand, developing formal documentary guides, templates, and other materials,

·         To lead the management of all processes related with national and/ or international expositions, conferences and to attend them on behalf of the company when necessary,  following the marketing and publicity strategies set,

·         To lead the management of updating the corporate identity by developing an official  Manuel of Corporate’s Identity,

·         To install the procedures of Media Management Policies , etc. and to make an archive of these procedures if necessary,

·         To follow up the processes of Trade Mark Registration applications,

·         To lead the follow-up of social media accounts , to post bulletins periodically , to increase the scope of successors,

·         To lead the creation of marketing and promotional materials by the means of hard and soft copies

·         To manage the  communication of advertising and PR agencies and to carry out related issues in both national and/or international media relations,

·         To make and lead reliable and continuous follow up of potential advertising subjects on national and international magazines, newspapers, web pages,

·         To lead the establishment of an organized file-up system of photos and media for archive material and carry out the process of creating a source of mass media by using camera and/or drone utilities,

·         To make and lead continuous relations with relative schools, universities , and to promote the brand also in the name of social responsibilities,

·         To lead the organizations of our VIP guests in relation with of booking vehicles, hotel , dining reservations and trip  organizations as well as the Marketing and Administrative Departments,

·         To lead the processes of hospitalization of the Client’s representatives coming to our Shipyards thorough making their Shipyard offices ready and providing their periodic order in control.



Firma Sektörü:

Tersane / Gemi İnşa

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 18.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:


Çalışan Profili:

Beyaz Yaka: 750-999
Mavi Yaka: