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Welding is a special process which requires the coordination of welding operations in order to establish confidence in welding fabrication and reliable performance in service. The tasks and responsibilities of personnel involved in welding related activities, e.g. planning, executing, supervising and inspection, should be clearly defined.

Essential Responsibilities:

- Lead technology development and support projects related with welding, brazing, cladding, and heat treatment processes.

- Assure all welding/joining and brazing processes meet required specifications, considering the quality and productivity aspects for this technology.

- Create, maintain and follow up schedules for the team's deliverable.

- Create Special Process Documents for repair processes

- Coordinate and follow up all repair processes together with production.

- Develop new process technology.

- Define industrialized process audit / quality requirements and perform audits.

- Lead productivity and NPI projects.

- Interface with Design engineering and participate in design reviews.

- Execute the design, analysis, or evaluation of assigned projects using engineering principles and adhering to business standards, practices, procedures, and product / program requirements.

- Provide timely communications on significant issues or developments.

- Participate on teams assigned to address organizational initiatives and generic issues.

- Participate as a presenter or reviewer in technical and program reviews.


- B.Sc. degree in Welding Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

- Minimum 3 years of manufacturing/technology experience in welding/joining processes such as; conventional resistance and oxyacetylene brazing.

- Experience in material characterization, mechanical testing methods (tensile, hardness, toughness).

- Solid grasp of spoken and written English and Turkish.

- Proficient in use of Microsoft office tools .

- Ability and willingness to travel max. 10% of the time, as required.

- Experience with and knowledge of manufacturing processes.

- Responsibility scope of Welding engineer will be covered as per EN 719.

- Familiarity with shop operations and quality systems.

- Proven self-starter and independent worker who can work with and/or lead cross-functional teams.

- Good project management skills

- Demonstrated analysis and problem resolution skills.

- Effective interpersonal skills that enable a learning approach to problem resolution.

- Demonstrated skills to work with/lead suppliers, external resources, and supporting organizations.

- Ability to monitor and communicate project status, business issues, and significant developments.

- Familiarity with alloy brazing metallurgy.

- Deep knowledge of ISO 3834, ISO EN 5817, ISO 15614, EN ISO 3834, EN 9606, CR ISO 15608, ISO 15609, ISO 15610, ISO 15611, ISO 15612, ISO 15613, ISO 15614, EN ISO 5817, EN ISO 9712.

- (UT) Ultrasonic examination Level 2 and (MT/PT)Magnetic Particle and Penetration Test Level 2 certifications for NDT would be an asset.

Desired Characteristics:

Across all team members, we are looking for the following attributes:

- Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

- Able to interface effectively with all levels of the organization and external customers.

- Demonstrated ability to drive projects to completion.

- Encourages input from all members of the team.

- Displays strong interpersonal skills; is accessible and approachable.

- Anticipates customer needs and ensures that they are met.

- Measures processes and performance through the customer's eyes.

- Communicates messages clearly and concisely.

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