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Greenpeace Mediterranean, as an environmental organization, has ambitious environmental goals in Turkey. To achieve our objective, we are looking for an active and engaged National Director (ND) to lead our operations in the country. The National Director will be responsible for contributing and executing the plans, in accordance with the strategic direction collectively formulated by Greenpeace Mediterranean (GP-MED) ED. He/she will work inside Greenpeace Mediterranean together with offices & staff in Turkey. 


Program Development and Implementation

Identify and monitor opportunities and changes in Turkey, report to GPMED ED, contribute to the development and the strategic direction of GP Med in Turkey in line with the global program and regional framework. Lead the planning process to ensure full cooperation between all departments. Ensure that plans are implemented in the country successfully. Create the environment for the project teams to work on their projects in harmony and efficiently towards reaching their goals. Lead and manage the project evaluation process and implement the recommendations as requested. Assure integration between teams, assuring that growth is achieved and used through our programs. Lead resource initiatives and reporting in relation to programs. 


 Task manage all the staff in the country, making sure that all staff follows the strategic directions set by GP-Med ED. Ensure that the recruitment, management, training and development of staff and people collaborates to Greenpeace are in line with the organisation’s policies, good employment practice and directed towards achieving the organisation’s objectives, and that staff enjoy a respectful, inclusive, meaningful and fun working environment and culture. Ensure that staff are clear about their roles and responsibilities, held directly accountable for their work, achieve the highest possible standards and are appraised regularly. Foster good communications within the organisation, ensuring quality information flow between departments, in both directions and between the organisation and its volunteers. 

 Budget Management

 Manage the national budget, ensure that departmental budgets are implemented inline with defined plans. 

 Legal & Security

Hold overall responsibility for the organization’s legal standing in the country. This includes the organization’s subsequent reporting and governance. Be the first and main point of contact for all legal service-providers in the country. Responsible to set and implement security standards for the office and the staff.


Represent Greenpeace in public, media, network of opinion leaders, academia and NGOs in Turkey. This responsibility may be delegated to appropriate staff where and when needed.

  HR and working culture 

Promote a work environment that is accepting, emphasizing teamwork, respect for differences and giving constructive feedback. Maintain overall responsibility for the overall dynamic, working culture and motivation in the office. Make sure staff members implement Greenpeace core values into their daily work. Full responsibility for the organization structure, including setting tasks and roles for people and teams. Oversee the evaluation and learning cycle of staff, in conjunction with the functional departments.  Mediate and resolve conflict among staff. Ensure ongoing reporting from the various staff members, into their teams and to the office in general. Conduct regular staff meetings.

 Facilities & office operations 

Oversee the rent/purchase and keeping of a healthy, effective and environment friendly workspace for staff. In case of threats to staff security (such as force majeure, unrest or other hostilities), be the key point of contact for all staff and for the broader organization.


The CM directly reports to the Executive Director of GP MED. CM works in full coordination with managers of license holders of Greenpeace name in their respective areas.  

Skills & Qualifications 


Management experience of 5 years Minimum, supporting and guiding staff, inspiring teams and resolving conflicts. Experience in preparing and implementing detailed and realistic plans. Budget management. 

Skills and attributes: 

Understanding of and ability to analyze political, economic and environmental trends and developments in the area Excellent communication skills. Result oriented person, able to meet deadlines. Ability to work independently and with sensitive information- deal with stressful situations. Project management skills. Ability to work in a cross-cultural environment. Ability to travel Fluent in Turkish and English.  

Commitment to Greenpeace’s core values in response to environmental and peace issues through non-violent direct action-led campaigning in line with its mission. Greenpeace Mediterranean strives to maintain a diverse workplace, and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We value applicants to enrich diversity of our staff members; women, people of ethnic and/or religious minorities, as well as transgender/gender-variant individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Deadline is 3 July


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