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İNKA İnsan Kaynakları Firması Bütünleşik İnsan Kaynakları Çözümü ile Türkiye’nin 7 bölgesinde  4 ana faaliyet alanımız olan İşe Alım, Bordro Hizmetleri, Esnek İşgücü ve Eğitim, Danışmanlık hizmetleriyle sektör ayırt etmeksizin, yerli yabancı firmalara, Uzman, tecrübeli, dinamik kadrosu ile hizmet vermektedir. İnka insan kaynakları İnsan kaynakları ve istihdam çözümleri konusunda aradığınız tüm alternatifleri size sunan iş ortağınızdır. 

We are looking for “BUSINESS ANALYST” for our leading business partner in the internationally active FMCG industry.

Main Job Purpose

CD Digital Transformation departmant is responsible for the design and development of all CD information flow processes, systems and infrastructure. Continuous research and experiment are solid parts of mindset. Primary mission is to develop solutions for boosting the productivity of CD teams by providing a simpler, efficient and analytical environment.

Responsibilities & Ongoing Projects

1.     Analysis & Research

Responds to business needs from CD and IT teams, analyzes and identifies existing methodologies.

Researches emerging information technologies.

Evaluates different technology alternatives in comparision to existing ones. Seeks out opportunities in CD processes.

Maintains relationships and contracts with third party technology companies.

Decides on areas of interest. Sets development plans.

Leads the design, prototyping, development and testing phases for promising technologies.

Evaluates outcomes, builds deployment strategy and proposes implementation if necessary.

2.     Project Management

Defines the scope, inputs and objectives.

Performs pre-evaluation, provides business case.

Leads project planning.

Sets project steps, tasks and KPIs.

Makes resource requirement planning.

Forms project timeline.

Collaborating with CD IT Manager and Geography IT Manager, creates the project team.

Adds business partners for analysis and testing.

Assembles the development team.

Reaches out, assesses, negotiates and contracts with third parties if necessary.

Constantly monitors every task through-out the project. In case any deviation from the plan, reconsiders the plan for the affected part, makes required changes.

Plans and executes trainning sessions if necessary.

Updates project stakeholders and upper management about the progress as scheduled.

Takes full responsibility for the delivery of the project; on previously agreed outcomes and within the allocated resources.

Works close with CD field teams, merchandisers, sales supervisors and area sales managers. Has in-depth knowledge of “go to market” strategy.

Performs analysis based on market dynamics and sales force capabilities. Creates methodologies to measure CD work force utilisation. When available, guides CD teams about alternatives in order to boost efficiency.

Researches and develops smarter methods of planning to increase both planning and field force effectiveness

Responsible for guiding CD Operations to create an optimized and future proof distribution network.

Directly reports to CD Directors and CD Managers after each analysis.

Works close with distributor authorities and project membersMakes sure that implementation timeline is met with predefined requesties. 

Partners with system users of various departments and work levels to gather business needs. Analyzes and determines areas of opportunity. 

Partnering with Geography IT and CD Teams, leads the design and development of hardware, software and infrastructure for distribution system.  

Maintains information database for business unit:  primary and secondary sales, distributors stocks, customer orders, case fill reports by territories / customers. 

Works with UL CD and UL IT to develop and analyze business intelligence needs. 

Aims to build and update the data structures to better fit the needs of the CD team. 

Collaborates with the sales team and the IT to build tools for tracking the progress in the field to maximize compliance with the goals. 

Proposes optimized solutions on a wide range of problems by deploying adequate optimization methods.

Collaborates with the CD team to improve ongoing CD IT projects with rich analytical insights. 

Key Requirements

A project management and process design way of thinking.

A perfect job follow-up.

Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate with peers in cross functional teams.

An approach of keeping business and consumer focus in center in every aspect of the job.

An understanding of IT systems, software designs, testing, user experience.

2-3 years of relevant experience in Sales operations or FMCG is a plus but not a requirement.