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Are you getting excited when you hear the word “Big Data”,like us?

Are you really?

Are you ready to deal with billions of records including online user behaviors from UK, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, Poland, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia?

Do you like the idea of processing huge amount of data in real-time and creating meaningful products with mixture of machine learning, data mining and predictive analytics with open source tools such as Hadoop/Spark, Kafka and Storm?

Does your enthusiasm win over your fear when you hear TBs of user behavior data?

If your answer is yes, then INSIDER is looking for you!

Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP) helps digital marketers drive growth across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue. Leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by deep Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, GMP empowers marketers to deliver personalized journeys across web, mobile web, mobile apps, and ad channels. Built on a unified data layer, GMP is easy to implement and simple to use, avoiding the need for complex integrations and dependency on IT teams.
Insider simplifies the life of digital marketers and helps them drive growth for their brands, with zero marketing waste.
Insider is a Sequoia-backed technology company with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow, Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Istanbul, Kiev, Sydney, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei.
Insider was listed as one of the 100 Hottest Startups by WIRED Magazine and won Red Herring Top 100 Europe in 2017. Cb has recently ranked Insider’s co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir as one of the top three women CEOs outside of the US.
Helping world’s leading brands grow beyond the speed of customer expectations, Insider is trusted by over 300 businesses across various industries including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, Tokopedia, Virgin, New Balance, Nissan, Huawei, Samsung, Orange, Puma, Ticketmaster, Newsweek, Air Arabia, Media Markt, AVIS, Allianz, BBVA, Domino’s, McDonald’s, Avon and CNN.

Our Engineering Culture:

  • Our team believes collaboration and fast iteration.
  • We work in small agile groups to solve sophisticated and high impact problems. 
  • We work closely with other engineer teams and don’t afraid to get our hands dirty with other areas if needed.
  • We don’t wait for jobs, we create them. Because in a startup, nothing happens by itself. Not unless we make it.

Skills & Requirements

  • Studied Computer Science,
  • 2+ years of software development experience,
  • Skills in Java, Python or Scala,
  • Passionate about learning big data, data mining and data analysis technologies.
  • Self-motivated; independent, organized and proactive; highly responsive, flexible, and adaptable when working across multiple teams,
    • Strong SQL skills, including query optimization are required. Experience working with large, complex datasets is required.
    • Experience with recommendation systems and data warehouse technologies are preferred
  • You possess an intense curiosity about data and a strong commitment to practical problem-solving
  • Creative in thinking data-centric products which will be used in online customer behaviors and marketing.
  • You will Build Hadoop/Spark processing pipelines to prepare data for user interactive analytics
  • Build systems to pull meaningful insights from our data platform
  • Integrate our analytics platform internally across products and teams
  • Focus on performance, throughput, latency and drive these throughout our architecture


  • Experience with big data architectures such as Lambda Architecture.
  • Experience working with big data technologies (like Hadoop, Java Map/Reduce, Hive, Spark SQL), real-time processing frameworks (like Spark Streaming, Storm, AWS Kinesis).
  • Proficiency in key-value stores such as: HBase/Cassandra, Redis, Riak and MongoDB
  • Experience with AWS EMR

Preferred Candidate

Position Information

Firma Sektörü:

Bilişim, İnternet, Yazılım, Diğer

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 09.00 - 19.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:


Çalışan Profili:

Beyaz Yaka: 250-349
Mavi Yaka: