Finance Business Partner Maersk Line

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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Partner with Area Leadership Team and Product owners to proactively improve performance and profitability of the L&S products. Based on standard MOS data, drive opportunities for higher performance on cross functional basis.

We offer

When you join Maersk, you’ll find that the world is your workplace. You’ll work in a culturally diverse, stimulating environment, surrounded by new ideas and different ways of doing things.
We believe in individual performance within highly professional teams supported by our distinctive values. To us teamwork means acceptance, respect, dedication and the idea that we can achieve more when we all pull together.
Living our values means competing in the market place in an ethical way so our name is synonymous with being a credible and valuable business partner.

Key responsibilities

Target Setting: Drive target setting and quarterly RoFo process for the CHB, WND, SCM products to ensure that both short- and long-term strategic priorities are catered for. Liaise with both Region (L&S products, Finance) and Area (Product Management and Sales) to ensure a robust target setting process both quarterly and annually.

Product profitability: Provide visibility on Product profitability (PnL) to stakeholders to ensure proper performance drive. Identify and communicate risk areas and deliver insights on how to close the gaps.
• Analyse CHB profitability split across sub-products (Transit, Export CHB, Waivers, VGM, Claims, etc.)
• Develop an end to end understanding of ‘Cost to Serve’ (Rev. minus variable costs and salary exp.)
• Analyse efficiency measure (File/FTE, etc.) and assist to drive efficiency improvements
• Collaborate on product design with the product owners.
• Provide pricing/tariff recommendations based on competitor/market evaluation and return on investment targets based on ‘Cost to Serve’ observations
• Regular review of billing to prevent revenue leakage
• Provide transparency and recommendations to drive cost reductions, ensure regular review of contracts with operational vendors is done to achieve best price
• WND Productivity: measure and drive operational productivity improvements (own BC staff, contracted labor)

Tenders: Work side by side with Area Product Managers & Sales to optimize the L&S strategy for each tender to achieve the volume and profitability growth on L&S products as well as the Ocean. Prepare overall tender PnL and NPV calculations and provide financial recommendation to Area/Regional management

Customer Profitability: Regularly review customer profitability against tender/RoFo assumptions, initiate improvement initiatives in case of underperformance

Investment decisions: Be the anchor of all business cases’ analysis related to investment decisions such as both new and renewals of leases (warehouse & office) and new building of warehouses.

• Responsible for providing required data and analytics for weekly/monthly flow of MOS. Communicate and drive performance throughout the organization using standard reports and dashboards to ensure everyone has the same understanding of performance. Proactively identify areas of opportunity and improvement using data-based insights. Ensure all actions are acted upon.
• Provide training and review standard report requirements/enhancements with Region and CEN.
• Share and ensure local adoption of best practices across Areas, Regions and Centre including cross-regional work assignments and acting as a focal point for Region and Centre standardization initiatives.
• Initiate cross functional collaboration ensuring opportunities for growth are identified and plans are done and followed up.
• Active participation on EUR FBP community calls to collectively solve problems and business challenges along with peer group, share best practices

We are looking for

• Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Accounting, Economics or Business. Further educational attainment is preferred.

• At least 10 years’ experience with expertise in leading multinational teams.

• Ability to operate in matrixed / cross functional and virtual teams.

• Excellent communication, presentation and negotiation skills.

• Self -driven and is a team player.

• Excellent command of both written and spoken English

• Attention to detail, analytically minded and assertiveness.



Firma Sektörü:

Deniz Taşımacılığı

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 17.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:

Özel Sağlık Sigortası
Yemek Kartı (Setcard, Ticket, Multinet, Sodexo vb.)
Kaza Sigortası
Hayat Sigortası
Bireysel Emeklilik

Çalışan Sayısı: