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This position will be responsible for managing and coordinating Supply Chain and Logistics Department of Company and reports to General Manager for the time being.


Job holder must be skilled at every level of Supply Chain system such as Procurement, Domestic & Non-Domestic Logistics, Warehouse & Inventory, ERP systems & Contract Management. 


The Supply Chain and Logistics Manager will be conversant with:

• Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy,

• All Supply Chain Policies, Procedures and Standards,

• Relevant International Standards,

• Relevant current Industry Standards of Work,


Skills and Competencies

• Strong negotiation and communication skills,

• Effective Report Writing,

• Prepared and able to multitask with strong administration skills,

• Collaborative approach to working with others and strong team ethic,

• Commitment to integrity, diversity and responsible environmental practices,

• Detail-oriented and proactive,

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including technical writing,

• Demonstrate sound work ethics, self-motivation and discipline,

• Ability to work well under pressure,

• Potential to take on further responsibilities,

• Excellent computer skills,

• Must be well organized and detail oriented,

• Team cooperation - maintain positive, cooperative attitude with all employees and all suppliers,

• Strong Team Management skills,

Major Duties & Responsibilities

• To review current policy and procedures of Supply Chain and perform revision of those procedures periodically and in case of urgent needs,

• Approves and assigns the purchase requisitions that have been created and approved on ERP System, 

• Reviews and approves the purchase orders that have been created by Purchasing Team,

• Manages and coordinates contractual process as per approved procedures,

• Manages domestic and non-domestics logistics process for all material procurements,

• Liaise between suppliers, manufacturers and relevant internal departments, 

• Forecast price trends and their impact on future activities,

• Manages with developing Company purchasing strategy, especially with regards to local purchasing,

• Evaluate bids and make recommendations based on commercial and technical factors,

• Organizes Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings with top management after the tender processes,

• To analyze market trends and issue periodic reports on lead times and purchase price variances,

• Assist with ensuring compliance with activities under IIC,

• Performs Supplier/Contractor Pre-Qualification and Post performance activities as per Company policy and procedures,

• The candidate involves at Ellipse ERP implementation phase of all supply chain processes,

• Manages and Coordinates Inventory MRP Stock Study during the operational readiness phase and also operational phase,

• Implements 5S Warehouse System,

• Prepares weekly and monthly reports for all supply chain activities,

• Performs Inventory Optimization studies in the operational phase of the inventory,


Other Job Roles and Responsibilities Include;

• Work to deliver Procurement Plans and Objectives,

• Sets KPI for all supply chain process and follows the KPI performances,

• Sets annual SMART project for all supply chain team,

• Maintain a safe, clean and organized workplace,

• Other duties as assigned by General Manager and/or immediate manager 


Experience, Qualifications & Education

         Minimum 15 years of business experience in Supply Chain & Logistic, mining experience and/or international experience is strongly plus,

         Graduation from mine engineering department will be considered,

         Fluency in oral and written Turkish and English,

         Experience working with ERP systems. (Ellipse ERP knowledge will be an asset),

         Be an active driver,

         Experience leading a multidisciplinary team, working with and influencing key stakeholders of all levels,

         Demonstrated ability to negotiate, construct and manage diverse and complex procurement activities with significant value,

         Discretion, confidentiality, discipline, sense of corporate responsibility, good listening skills, persuasive, relationship skills, interpersonal skills, autonomous, are essential qualities,

         No military obligation for male candidates.