Tour Operations Coordinator PEAK Adventure Travel

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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Operations Manager


Operations Coordinator






Turkey - Istanbul



Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Operations Coordinator is based in-country and works closely with the Operations Manager. The Operations Coordinator will carry out tasks to consolidate the on-the-ground organisation of PEAK’s trips and assist with the administrative duties of the Operations department.



Excellent verbal communication skills and writing ability in English and Turkish Office Administration skills & experience are required.

Good computer skills & ability to train others are required.

Extensive travel experience and a passion for and knowledge of the region People management experience advantageous.

No travel restrictions.



A strong knowledge of PEAK’s style of travel, Responsible Travel philosophy, operating systems and trips An understanding of regional culture and business etiquette.

The ability to work with a diverse group of Leaders with sensitivity, recognizing the demands of group leading Ability to handle a multitude of tasks that may be on the go at the one time.

A capacity to make decisions independently .

Outstanding organizational skills.

An understanding of and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The ability to work in a team environment.

A sense of humor and a smile!




As directed by the Operations Manager, the Operations Coordinator will carry out any of the following activities:


Operational Accountabilities of Role

Benchmark Measure

Provide Leaders with access to up to date information for trips and operational systems in the country they are working in.

·       Leader feedback scores and staff surveyresults.

·       Keeping all Leaders Notes updated withsuggestions from leaders verbally and/or on Trip Report by approval ofOM

·       Ongoing updates and management of leader portal and leader folders as assigned byOM

Maintain Leader Trip Reports uploaded on time and in a correct format on leader portal and/or trip folders.

·         Leader ranking and staff surveyresults

·         Following up with various office departments so that key issues and points identified by leader are actioned andthen communicated back to Leaders as per OMinstructions

Review Customer Trip Notes for all PEAK brands

·         Customer feedback

·         Keeping all customer trip notes accurate and up to date as per OMinstructions

·         Ensuring customer trip notes match inclusions /exclusions as per trip approved costingsheets

Operational Accountabilities of Role

Benchmark Measure

Control and check essential administration and support OM on tasks such as:

-          Emergency Phone

-          Customer welcomepacks

-          Merchandise for all PEAKbrands

-          Public transportation

-          Pre-post trip documentations for leaders and passengers

-          Any trip related document preparation for leaders

·         Customer feedback and staff surveyscore

·         Sharing Emergency line with OM to reply, and take action for calls coming regardingoperations

·         SBA checks on weeklybases

·         Ensuring all passenger information (Welcome Notes, Booklets, City Sheets) are regularly updated andprovided to Leaders for distribution and/or visible and available to customers on all Arrival/Departurelocations

·         Merchandise checks and keeping the inventory recordfor ground operations for eachbrand.

·         Public Transport and site ticket logs to be alwaysupdated

·         Updated Trip and Leader documents to be kept inthe office in the right order for leaders tocollect

Monitor the uploading of passenger insurance details

·        All pax insurance details uploaded successfully within the settimeframe

Leader recruitment and trainings

·        Assisting OM effectively with annual leadertraining

programs and leader recruitment

Assisting Operations, Contracting and Sales teams with product research

·         Meeting due dates assigned for product researchincluding research on accommodation, transport, activities, itineraries and private grouprequests

Office administration

·        Supporting People’s Partner on office management

purchases for the office

Transportation Requirements

·        Registration of passengers’ names onthe (updating driver lists)

HR duties

·        Maintain HR documents of the leadersregularly

·        Providing information for leaders on banking system of the company

Fleet Operations

·        Providing regular maintenance, keeping the record of expenses on vehicles updated, driver trainings (internal & external), assisting providing updated & correct documentation on any buses PEAKuse

·        Accurate branding on company’sbuses

·        Ensuring transfers are being operated successfully andwith correctbranding