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The leader of the fuel and lubricant sectors in Turkey, Petrol Ofisi was founded as the first and national brand of Turkey on February 18, 1941. Petrol Ofisi traditionally maintains its titles as “the leader of fuel sector in Turkey”, “the market leader of lubricants and chemicals in Turkey”, and “one of the two biggest private companies of Turkey.” Today, Petrol Ofisi has a strong and unparalleled infrastructure in Turkey, consisting of more than 1.700 fuel stations, more than 1.400 village pumps, 9 fuel terminals, 3 LPG terminals, 20 airport refueling units, 1 lubricant factory, and approximately 1.1 million m3 of storage capacity. 

We are looking for a Purchasing Specialist who has the following qualifications to join our Operational Purchasing team in our Headquarters: 


The position operates in the area of procurement estimating, bid analysis, selection of suppliers, engineered equipment, professional services, commodities, site purchasing, material management, contract administration, and supplier quality surveillance. 


  • Responsible for acquiring goods or services to accomplish POAŞ’s goals by executing sourcing strategy with the lowest cost 
  • Lead procurement category specific projects 
  • Lead the definition of the contracting strategy for services/ materials/equipments in the area of expertise in the frame of valid Procurement Guideline 
  • Lead the implementation of the defined strategy, coordinate the overall contracting process with the scope of maximizing the benefits for POAŞ 
  • Give valuable inputs to his/her pairs in Procurement for achieving the overall targets of the department
  • Establish and maintain internal networks with all supporting departments and internal beneficiaries 
  • Hand over the signed contract / awarding protocol to transactional people in charge in order to be carried out
  • Compliance of all activities in his/her area of responsibility with internal (POAŞ) and external (authorities) guidelines and legal requirements 
  • Preparing and submitting the monthly reports
  • Preparing purchase orders


  • Bachelor of Engineering degree (Preferable in Mechanical Engineering)
  • Good communication skills and intercultural awareness 
  • Building up strong working relationships both internally and with key suppliers 
  • Procurement experience minimum 5 years of purchasing experience at least areas; engineering investments, knowledge of electrical, mechanical and building materials and systems. 
  • To work with multiple vendors to determine the best deal for the company and have to evaluate the tenders and quotations based on price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors 
  • To be able to deal with contract management, understanding and keeping up with new trends and regulations in the business 
  • To work with approved suppliers by beneficiaries and HSSE, to find alternative ones for cost reduction and to create buying strategies and future development 
  • Have ability to work with cross functional teams and individuals at various levels 
  • Have ability to think analytically 
  • Have ownership attitude and strong leadership skills 
  • Local language and English language skills 
  • IT skills/ application of SAP or ORACLE, MS Office and standard procurement applications (e-Procurement, if tool is available) 
  • High level of integrity and confidentiality
  • No military obligation

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Firma Sektörü:

Petrol ve Ürünleri

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 17.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:

Özel Sağlık Sigortası