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Did you know P.I. Works is the first company in the world to automate the management of a commercial 5G network?

Our automated network management products and services empower Mobile Operators to accelerate network transformation and to drive network quality and efficiency on the path to 5G. These solutions have been deployed across 49 mobile network operators in 36 countries. 

As an RF Planning & Optimization Specialist, you'll join our Network Services Group (NSG). NSG is responsible for the delivery of our automation and AI based network services to mobile operators that aim for operational excellence and superior customer experience. NSG works closely with P.I. Works Engineering team in the development and testing of new features and solutions to drive intelligent operations and enhance the quality and efficiency of the network.

If you share our enthusiasm to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers, come and join our team in Kayseri.


  • Involvement in regional-based dimensioning the RAN network of 2G/3G and U900 (carriers, new sites, additional layers) in accordance with the coverage, capacity, and quality requirements.
  • Providing regional-based planning of the 2G/3G/U900 sites with the aid of RF planning tools (such as Atoll) defining their related site and cell parameters such as site coordinates, antenna type, height, tilt, azimuth, cable loss, link budget.
  • Attending to site locations in order to provide the planned configuration validation during the technical site survey visit and follow up and approval of the Technical Site Survey reports, attending on-site locations with the related parties such as rollout and acquisition teams.
  • Providing the necessary counterparts – such as acquisition teams with Search Area Request Forms, in line with the network coverage and capacity expansion requirements.
  • Setting the specific RF parameters for the site and cells to be integrated such as Lac, Rac, CPICH power, Cellid, UARFCN frequency, scrambling code, neighbors, etc.
  • Analyzing site and cell performance in the area of responsibility, detecting the problems and recommending changes for resolution.
  • Attending to the customer complaint cases in order to provide resolution such as coverage enhancement, reorientation, and optimization.
  • Planning special event coverage plans, optimization in the area of responsibility.
  • Responding to centralized investment plans in sense of site selection, reselection, capacity and coverage enhancements and both by the use of tools and local area-based knowledge.
  • Working in correlation with regional optimization, transmission, and OMC teams in order to improve the network quality overall.
  • Performing regular quality improvement tasks such as frequency reframing, automatic frequency planning and such

Qualifications required for the job:

  • Experience with Nokia site equipment, and product knowledge
  • Previous 2G/DCS1800 and 3G planning experience is required.
  • Previous U900 and LTE planning experience is not mandatory but is an advantage.
  • A minimum of 3 years of technical experience in the telecommunications industry is desired.
  • Drive test analysis and cell/ site based 2G/3G optimization background will also be an advantage.
  • Previous field experience in TSS and site selection processes.
  • Good knowledge of RF planning tools such as Atoll, MapInfo, and able to create link budgets, coverage plots, interference plots, Sarf documents with the aid of such tools.
  • Experience with Huawei and/or Ericsson site equipment, and product knowledge of antenna vendors such as Kathrein/Huawei, etc.
  • Good knowledge of MS office tools
  • B class driving license
  • No health or other obstacles to performing a regular site visit and working at heights.



Firma Sektörü:


Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.00 - 17.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:


Çalışan Sayısı: