Network Engineer Profen Group

Ankara, İstanbul(Avr.)

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 PROFEN© is a global group company that provides products and services in six major markets; Satellite Communications, Defence, Government, Enterprise, Broadcast, Internet, with its in-house Research & Development. With its headquarters in Istanbul and branch offices in Ankara and United Kingdom, PROFEN© Group delivers innovative and high technology telecommunications solutions to customers worldwide.  

Key Responsibilities;

·        Configure and install various network devices and services (e.g., routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, QoS)

·         Perform network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches, hot fixes and security configurations

·        Monitor performance and ensure system availability and reliability

·        Monitor system resource utilization, trending, and capacity planning

·        Provide Level-2/3 support and troubleshooting to resolve issues

·        Work within established configuration and change management policies to ensure awareness, approval and success of changes made to the network infrastructure

·        Select and implement security tools, policies, and procedures in conjunction with the company’s security team

·        Liaise with vendors and other IT personnel for problem resolution

·        Interaction with the customer at all levels from operations and engineering to senior management

·        Designing, configuring and integrating networks

·        Providing technical support for existing networks, pilots and demonstrations

·        Creating technical recommendations for capacity expansion, network analyses, reliability, statistics

·        Testing new products, new hardware and new software

·        Providing network service support for the Operations group

·        Effectively planning, configuring and integrating networks from the pilot phase to operational service

·        Supporting network roll out activity

·        Generating detailed network design documentation and producing “as built” documents 

Skills and Experience; 

 University degree in Electronical Engineering, Computer Science or a related subject, master degree is a plus

 Proven hands on network engineering experience 

CCNP or higher (CCIE and/or CISSP highly valued) qualification or experience

Deep understanding of networking protocols (e.g., IPSEC, HSRP, BGP, OSPF, 802.11, QoS)

Solid understanding of the OSI or TCP/IP model

Hands-on experience with monitoring, network diagnostic and network analytics tools

Five years in information Technology at a customer facing level

Fluency in English is essential 

Knowledge in all areas mentioned below, minimum 3 of these being core competence:

  • LAN and WAN networking technologies, protocols and standards
  • Internet standards and applications
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Data communication, network technology and system/router configurations
  • Operating systems (minimum: Windows and Linux)
  • SNMP, Multicast, UNIX or similar
  • Network security, firewalls and popular standards
  • Network analysis tools and troubleshooting
  • VSAT Networking (understanding satellite systems and link budgets is a plus)

 Deep knowledge on information technology strategy and architecture, Networks, Storage (SAN/NAS)

 Theoretical knowledge on business continuity management

 Good understanding of procedures and application of procedures and concepts within own subject area (and understanding them in the context of the business).

 Experienced and competent in own area.

 Shares own expertise with others.

 Provide guidance and support to others.

 Completes own role independently or with minimal supervision/guidance.

 Has developed specialist knowledge in one area.

 Applies knowledge/skills to a range of standard and non-standard activities.

 Interprets client needs, assessing the full requirements.

 Identifies solutions to non-standard tasks/queries.

 Manages own time to meet agreed targets.

 Knowledge in all areas mentioned below, minimum 3 of these being core competence:

  • Knowledge of streaming media protocols: UDP, RTP, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), DASH, RTMP, RTSP, etc
  • Knowledge of common network architectures (routers/switches/proxies, etc), protocols (HTTP, etc)
  • Familiarity with Video Transport and CDN architectures (caches, origin servers, proxies, etc)

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Pozisyon Bilgileri

Firma Sektörü:

Bilişim, Savunma Sanayi, Telekomünikasyon

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 09.00 - 18.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:

Özel Sağlık Sigortası
Yemek Kartı (Setcard, Ticket, Multinet, Sodexo vb.)

Çalışan Sayısı: