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Our Company:

Qimia is an international startup incubator and tech company builder, with locations in Cologne (Germany), San Diego (California, USA), and Istanbul (Turkey). We design and develop our own AI products and applications in-house and develop end-to-end AI and Data solutions for our clients, which are mostly major international corporations.

We are the leading provider of AI and Big Data business solutions, responsible for innovation and improvement for many organizations across many industries.

As a Qimia Senior Full Stack Web Developer, you will play a major role in the design and development of our products. You will be part of a very tech-savvy and ambitious group of engineers and entrepreneurs, where your skills and your dreams will feel at home. 

As a developer at Qimia, your code, designs and decisions will be highly visible, and will directly impact and delight users. As part of our creative product development team, you’ll be building State of the Art AI applications that will affect, influence, and involve millions of users. 

We need a full-stack web developer to be part of our fantastic product development team. You will leverage your knowledge to develop new and innovative products using modern industrialized software development practices including TDD, Domain Driven Architecture and Microservices, CI/CD and DevOps practices.  


  • Involved in Web Applications Development, Backend Development, and Mobile App Development 
  • Real-time Event Driven Async Architecture on Kafka and etc. 
  • Works concurrently on Multiple Applications 
  • Develops Innovative, Effective, and Creative Output based on Requirement Analysis and Best Practices 
  • Participates in and sometimes leads Critical Projects as the Architect or Technical Lead 
  • Provides Design and Documentation at an Application or Function Capability Level 
  • Participates in establishing and maintaining Application Standards and Processes 
  • Program daily in Java, Spring Boot, Python, Flask, Node.js, Express, React.js, React Native and others 
  • Build out Restful Microservices 
  • Develop Backend and Frontend 
  • Build out Unit Tests and Other Automated Tests 
  • Design and implement Low-latency, High-availability and Performant applications
  • Help define Architectures and Design Patterns 
  • Participate in Code Reviews
  • Architect and implement New Service Integrations, Components & App Functionality
  • Follow Best Practices for Testing, Profiling, Releasing, and Optimizing High Quality Software 

Required Skills:

  • BS / MS in Computer Science or Engineering 
  • Multiple years of experience in web frontend development, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 
  • Mastery level expertise in JavaScript (ES5 & ES6) and Typescript 
  • Professional experience in developing Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Redux or similar frameworks 
  • Professional experience with REST API development including RESTful Microservices implementation 
  • General Knowledge of user experience and UI design principles 
  • Data Modeling experience in SQL and/or NoSQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or RethinkDB
  • Experience with Docker, docker-compose and Kubernetes 
  • Experience with Cloud Services (AWS, Azure or GCP) 

Parts of our Technology Stack:

  • Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Scala
  • React.js, React Native, Node.js Express.js, npm, WebPack
  • Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security and Flask 
  • Google Maps API, Material UI 
  • Kafka, Kafka-node, Spring-Kafka, 
  • Oauth2.0, JWT, Auth0, OpenID Connect, Authentication, Authorization, ACL and Domain Object access control 
  • PostgreSQL, Monitoring and Auditing using Spring Actuator, Prometheus and Grafana
  • Operations Research and Reinforcement Learning 
  • GCP, AWS 
  • React.js HOOKs and HOCs 
  • Functional Programing 
  • Web Mining scraping and Mining using Scrapy and Puppeteer 
  • Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes and Ansible  

Knowledge in any of the technologies above is a big plus. 

Your Prospective: 

  • Competitive salary in foreign currency 
  • Becoming a key member of a fast-growing international company 
  • Working on projects with colleagues in Germany and the USA, partially on-site
  • Enjoying a leading role in shaping cutting-edge products through your design and vision 
  • Learning new fields like AI and Data Science 
  • Working with excellent Software Engineers, ML Engineers and Entrepreneurs