Accounting and Reporting Manager Red Bull


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We are looking for an Accounting and Reporting Manager who is going to lead our Accounting team and responsible for Accounting and Tax processes. 

Key Responsibilities:

Accounting & Tax

  • Guarantees 100% compliance with all relevant local legislations (e.g: statutory accounting standards, tax law, civil law) and internal group accounting guidelines.
  • Ensures that the accounting is correct, transparent (within the organization and towards HQ) and complete (including appropriate accruals/deferrals). The financial statements must present a true and fair view of the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of the reported period. 
  • Ensures that the accounting operations are fully integrated from a process, systems and control perspective.
  • Maintains the fixed asset register and supervises the asset accounting in the fixed asset ledger.
  • Ensures timely and accurate submission of tax declarations (Withholding, VAT I & II, Stamp Tax, Corporate Tax) and reconciliation of all tax accounts.
  • Ensures VAT Return process is tracked and required actions are in place for the receivables.
  • Prepares the annual statutory financial statements. 
  • Ensures that all key processes are documented in writing and that checklists are being used.


  • Responsible for the timely compilation of the monthly and annual closings including the communication of the closing timetable within the organization. 
  • Ensures management reports (e.g: Aging Report, DPO, DSO, DII, etc.) are prepared and issued on a regular basis to inform & team’s support to Commercial Teams on taking required actions. 
  • Ensures timely submission of accurate financial information to all stakeholders (e.g: group reporting requirements, tax authorities, other local authorities). 
  • Ensures Master Data changes (Customer, Vendor, Bank, etc) are tracked with valid supporting documentation. 


  • Supervises the Treasury operations keeping close contact with the HQ Treasury team and ensures bank statement postings as well as the reconciliation of the bank accounts and petty cash. 
  • Ensures periodic reconciliations with banks, suppliers and customers are completed on a precise and timely manner. 

Business Partnership

  • Assists the Finance Director in proactively managing the year end audit process and the external auditors.
  • Manages Finance Department related Suppliers (e.g: Tax Consultants, Legal Counselors, etc.) for an efficient deal and sustainable service level.
  • Builds close contact with the Commercial Teams, to derive development opportunities regarding overall business as a key person in Finance Department.
  • Seeks opportunities on a continuous basis for more effective and efficient processes.
  • Builds a team of highly engaged and motivated people. 
  • Agrees on annual objectives, monitors progress and provides guidance/feedback to the team. 

Your Experience Includes:

  • Vast knowledge of all local tax regulations, local GAAP, IFRS and IAS
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Capable of communicating precisely, effectively and convincingly based on facts with internal and external stakeholders 
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Capable of communicating precisely and effectively with internal stakeholders up to GM level.
  • A structured and well organized individual
  • Must be self-motivated, self directed and be able to work under pressure in a fast paced team environment 
  • IT literate - SAP knowledge is a priority, excellent MS Excel knowledge, familiarity with any integrated business analysis tool is a strong plus (SAP BI/cognos/essbase/hyperion etc).