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                Our company is located in Gaziantep / Turkey and a leading manufacturer of hygienic industrial and technical applications and products. We are a company that grows day by day. As a growing and developing company, we always aim for the best.

                Now, we are looking for production, quality control, planning, purchasing and maintenance engineers who are going to work in our teams at a nonwoven factory in Gaziantep with the following qualifications for textile sector.

                We would like to work with Textile Engineers for production and quality control teams, Industrial Engineers for planning and/or purchasing teams and mechanical and electrical & electronics engineers for maintenance and project & installation teams.


-- For Textile Engineers:

·        To product nonwoven fabric according to the recipe and to be sure that production is made with right raw materials.

·        Reporting to the Production Manager who you will be responsible production operations and quality. In addition; planning, organizing and running optimum day to day operations to exceed our customer’s expectations.

·        Assisting production activities through the production planning and ensuring the total manufacturing objectives are accomplished in a timely.

·        Monitoring operations and starting corrective actions immediately.

·        To ensure the activities carried out in all parts of the workplace in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety legislations and general Occupational Safety Rules.

·        Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports through referring to Production Manager. Collecting and analysing the datas to find places of wastes. Finding the lost time issues and controlling the labour times.

·        Following and optimizing the productivity and other vital standards for the facility.

·        Providing the execution of the documentation related to the production department.

·        Having the knowledge of latest production management with the best practices and concepts.

·        Investigating root cause of non-conformaties both for internally and for externally.

·        Coordinating and controlling of production personnel during the shifts.

·        Observing the performance and other related behaviours of production workers.

·        To be able to calculate OEE items and KPI results.

·        For quality control engineers, they should understand the quality and structure of nonwoven fabrics detailed and furthermore they should use the various laboratory equipments.

.         As a note; We will establish R&D department in the near feature. Developing new products, redesigning existing products, and perform research and testing on product concepts. We will probably choose R&D Engineers from Textile Engineering discipline. 

-- For Industrial Engineers:

·        The engineers will work in the department of planning and they should know the processes, production methods and especially have the capability of how to require the continuity of production.

·        One of their most important duties is to get more efficiency on production with various instruments.

·        Planning engineers will be responsible for the effective communication between selling and production teams.

·        Purchasing engineers will find the best appropriate raw materials and intermediate products in order to carry on the stability of production processes. Furthermore, they will purchase the technical spare parts of nonwoven lines from abroad or from domestic/local lines with acceptable prices.

-- For Mechanical and Electrical & Electronics Engineers:

·        Maintenance teams are responsible for the installation and maintenance of industrial equipments in the facility. They should perform routine equipment maintenance, troubleshoot issues and make on site repairs when needed.

·        Maintenance engineers should have extensive knowledge of industrial equipment, the ability to work well under pressure and demonstrate high-level problem solving skills.

·        An outstanding maintenance engineer should be able to service, troubleshoot and repair equipment without causing extended equipment downtime.

·        All maintenance staff is also responsible for utilities in the plant.

·        All maintenance staff should design anything needed with various programmes especially with using Autocad and/or Solidworks.

·        Electrical & Electronics Engineers have to analyze and solve the problems about communication between the machine and communication boards. They should have experience in applications such as machine electricity and automation, PLC and electric panel design, various electric faults, maintenance and repairs etc.


·        Strong organization skills with proven ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously.

·        Previous experience is a vital required advantages for all candidates. All candidates mentioned above should have an experience between 2 and 3 years in NONWOVEN sector, at least.

.         All candidates must be under the age of 30.

·        All candidates should have graduated from a university that provides 100% English education. So, excellent English language is an important required.

·        Having knowledge about ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and EDANA standarts will be consider as an advantage.

·        Excellent Microsoft Office knowledge is necessary and ERP system will be consider as an advantage especially for Textile and Industrial Engineers.

·        Advance analysis and reporting capability, planning and organization skills, knowing about problem solving methods and having minimum knowledge and interest about 5S and TPM rules.

·        Communication comes first for all candidates. Working for details and developing management skills are a plus.

·        All candidates must be ready to be a member of team player. And they must be dynamically and analytically. Do not forget that maybe you will be too tired during working but you will learn lots of thing about your business.

·        Willing to work in production area with nonwoven production lines and improving self-skills.

·        Taking active roles in quality and as well production processes.

·        Having driving licence and actively use for male candidates.

·        It is an important advantage if the candidates do not smoke.

·        Living or to be able to live in Gaziantep.

.        All candidates will recognize theirselves with an introductory text during applying.