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Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) Turkey is a R&D office which is mainly focused on software development in the areas of industrial automation and digitalization products and solutions.

Working under Siemens CT Turkey Organization, we strive to solve complex problems in motion control of large harbor cranes for Siemens Customers worldwide

We develop our solutions with the passion of applying methods and principles of Agile Software Development and Extreme Programing.

We are looking for equally passionate software engineers to join us in this exciting journey of finding solutions to some non-trivial challenges of software production for a highly competitive worldwide market.

What are my responsibilities?

In this role, you’ll participate to the complete product life-cycle of SCADA applications.

* You will participate in product ideation and conceptual development.

* You will strive for high-quality designs SCADA applications

* You will ensure implementation realizes the design in a simple and clean way

* You participate not only code-review but peer review of all artifact produced during software production

* You will write extensive unit tests for front end and backend

* You will contribute ATDD test suite for end-to-end automated tests.

* You will creating and maintain continuous Integration environment

You will be a member of distributed, international team using Scrum Framework. You are supposed toActively contributing to agile development team with agile mindset;

* Helping to shape and live scrum ceremonies

* Continuous improvement of the tools, processes, methods used by the team

You will be conforming to Siemens processes, quality standards, and guidelines while accomplishing your tasks.

What do I need to qualify for this job

* BSc. or MSc. in Computer Science or a related area.

* Excellent interpersonal communication skills

* Experience in commercial software development with ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript where key quality criterion is being highly responsive under high load.

* Experience with modern web technologies and libraries (HTML5, Websocket, CSS3, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, etc.)

* Good understanding of Web standards, CSS-Based design, cross-browser compatibility.

* Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming, Design principles and patterns

* Good understanding of Software Development Lifecycle and Agile Methodologies

* Eager to learn Industrial Automation domain knowhow and Siemens specific technologies

* Excellent command of English.

Would be beneficial:

* Experience in JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries (e.g. d3.js, c3.js, Chart.js)

* Experience in CI/CD, TDD, ATDD and Test Automation (Jenkins, Selenium, SpecFlow, Mocha, Chai)

* Proven interest of closely following latest developments in web-scale applications and being an early adopter of disruptive trends/technologies

* Knowledge of user-centered interface design processes and methodology

What else do I need to know?

* Male candidates should have completed the military service requirements.

* No restrictions for travelling in and abroad.

You would not like to miss a challenging and rewarding career with our team!

As Siemens we believe physical barriers are not related to potential. Only the potential matters to us. Therefore, we look forward to receive applications of candidates with physical barriers and chronic illnesses. We support healthy relationships between candidates with barriers and their colleagues because we believe we can create differences together.

Siemens is dedicated to quality, equality, and valuating diversity and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities within which we work.

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