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For our Mobility procurement team in Ankara, we are looking for a Strategic Procurement Specialist for customer service and maintenance business. This role will be responsible for managing strategic procurement activities, comprised of demand analysis, market analysis & finding local suppliers, selection & qualification of suppliers, conducting cost effective purchasing negotiations, supplier and contract management, claim management, for the supply of equipment, materials with involvement at early stage.

What are my responsibilities?
* Analyzing demand, markets and suppliers to create a basis for deciding on the optimum sourcing strategy. Creating local alternatives to increase localization rate and proximity to business
* Preparing and conducting contract and price negotiations with suppliers to contribute to the profitability of the business
* Maintaining regular contacts with interface partners to follow developments (in market, demand, etc.) and exert influence accordingly
* Defining of procurement strategies to ensure long-term, cost-effective supply of materials and monitoring the national and international market to bring new suppliers, product derivatives, and product innovations into the purchasing portfolio
* Implementing and ensuring usage of globally defined methods, processes and systems to ensure high process efficiency and process compliance

* Generating, documenting and implementing savings, e.g. CNI; plan, monitor and report on relevant KPI to contribute to the success of the business and make results transparent.
* Systematic forwarding of relevant supply chain information (e.g. For the project team, procurement management team)
* Defining concepts for risk and contract management to avoid risk and warrant costs
* Analyzing scope of supply and customer contract agreements, carrying out risk analyses and introducing negotiation recommendations to prepare for negotiations with suppliers (back-to-back where appropriate) and to initiate appropriate measures
* Analyzing and controlling of contractual agreements to prepare renegotiation/subsequent negotiations, initiate appropriate measures and guarantee supplies
* Support Supplier Management processes (e.g. qualification, selection, evaluation, development, classification); update supplier evaluation systems to obtain and develop the best suppliers and ensure transparency and high procurement quality.

 What do I need to qualify for this job?

* Min 1 years of experience in procurement functions

* University degree in mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering 

* Very good command of English and/or German

* roficiency in MS Office Applications

* Good knowledge at spare part management, localization activities, strategic purchasing, negotiation with 3rd party suppliers, contract management, supplier management

* Good knowledge of service business, basic knowledge of project management

* Strong analytical, problem solving and quantitative skills

* Results oriented, change orientation, customer focus and good communication skills are required

 What else do I need to know?

* Male candidates should have completed the military service requirement

* No travel restrictions – Driving license required

As Siemens we believe physical barriers are not related to potential. Only the potential matters to us. Therefore, we look forward to receive applications of candidates with physical barriers and chronic illnesses. We support healthy relationships between candidates with barriers and their colleagues because we believe we can create differences together.

Siemens is dedicated to quality, equality, and valuating diversity and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities within which we work.

We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Please ensure you complete all areas of the application form to the best of you ability as we will use the data to review your suitability to the role.

Please find more information from our web site 

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