Product Owner

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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·        Bachelor's degree in  Engineering, Management, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration or Professional Project Management Certification

·        Familiarity with the full scope of product development functions and processes including concept definition, requirements development, prototype development, design, testing and deployment planning

·        In-depth knowledge of Agile/Scrum process and principles and Project Management Methodologies

·        Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with project team members and stakeholders

·        Ability to resolve conflicts and maintain positive attitudes within the team while executing complex activities under tight time constraints

·        Familiarity with the full scope of operating functions in ecommerce industry

·        5+ years product/project management experience relating to product/service process

·        Proficiency using JIRA, MS Project, TFS ALM etc for project scheduling and project management functions

·        Experience in UX/UI in both web and mobile products

·        Experience in release management and planning

·        Excellent command of English both written and spoken

·        Military service should be completed for male candidates

Job Description

The Role

Manage a group of projects associated with development and deployment of new products/services to improve the competition power of Tatil Sepeti in tourism industry with business value driven software projects.

The Responsibilities

·        Provide direction for teams of internal and external people responsible of projects and related activities

·        Define critical activities, decisions, dependencies, deliverables and milestones associated with Agile Project Management

·        Establish coordinated schedules for completion of various activities and clearly define accountability for execution

·        Developing the product vision by keeping an eye on new technologies and customer insight

·        Translating business requirements into conceptual, applicable, and user-friendly technological solutions

·        Creating new user stories, breaking-down complex stories into relevant pieces

·        Forming the product acceptance criteria in line with prioritized features and specifications

·        Creating, developing and prioritizing the product backlog

·        Establishing the project scope for business requirements, mapping the process in detail, measuring the added value of prospective projects

·        Keeping in touch with all stakeholders of the product on a regular basis, analyzing & reporting key components of the product lifecycle (i.e. release burn down)

·        Following up the daily operation & performance of both desktop and mobile sites / apps to take relevant actions in a timely manner

·        Bring great know-how to product with product management perception.

·        Collaborate with Head of Product and other product owners for related projects associated with the initiative to identify cross project dependencies and assure alignment of schedules

·        Assure effective communication with the project team and between the project team and other project teams associated with the initiative

·        Closely monitor projects to assure that resources are sufficient to successfully achieve project objectives and initiate actions to adjust resource levels in a change of project scope

·        Maintain project documentation including schedules, presentations, publications, references, status reports and other similar documents used and produced by the project team

·        Testing the product on a regular basis and reporting the bugs

·        Lead Tatil Sepeti UX Development Process such as A/B Testing, Heat Map Tracking, Click Map Tracking etc.

·        Proficiency in a software language will be nice to have

·        HTML, CSS knowledge will be preferred

·        Development management experience in web & mobile would be a plus

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Firma Sektörü:

Bilişim, İnternet, Turizm, E-ticaret

Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 08.30 - 18.30

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