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We are seeking a Datawarehosue Operations Senior Specialist with the will and ambition to work in high performing Vodafone Team responsible for Leading Digital Transformation in Turkey, reporting to BI&ERP Operations Manager of Vodafone Turkey. 

The accountabilities of this role are:

  • Perform configuration and tests to all business objects environment. 
  • Administer and supervise configuration of all business objects 
  • Documents all business objects data and Meta data and supervise security of all areas. 
  • Provide support to all SAP business objects and provide appropriate upgrade on environment. 
  • Work with SAP Support in case any issue is not resolved internally. 
  • Start /Stop, Enable/Disable, Clone, Add, remove BO Services on requirement. Also require to fix tomcat Apache/Tomcat issues. 
  • Monitoring the availability of Business Objects and Tomcat services. 
  • Resolving the issues/incidence came from the business in the deployed projects and reports 
  • Analyzing the data quality issues, tracking of resolution with solution team and source systems team.
  • Performance tuning of reports on Business Objects environment. 
  • Deployment of BO objects(reports, universes) within Operation management processes. 
  • Regular BO repository Maintenance like cleaning unused objects over Monimetric. 
  • Master data management of BO, provide reports to internal audit team periodic. 
  • Working with solution team for defect resolution. 
  • Establishing an operational structure in order to make daily control for inbound and outbound data flow.
  • Identifying the operational alarms in order to prevent the DQ issues, ETL errors and service availability issues.
  • Maintain system documentation and secure processes 
  • Controlling user roles and profiles, security settings and access settings 
  • Meeting the operational work requests for level1 and level2 support cases. 
  • Attending to the meeting organized by VF group or project team in order to track the operational tasks and issues. 
  • Generate quarterly Audit reports which are required as part of SOX compliance 
  • Follow up the DW environment daily ETL window and trace the performance issues and take necessary actions 
  • Analyse and prepare data quality control jobs for both DW and source systems 
  • Analyse design and accomplish operational work requests 
  • Handover and give acceptance to deployment activities 
  • Communicating with internal customers and ability to process Ad-hoc report requests 
  • Responsible for ensuring incident and problem fixes of the DW by Incident handling and provides on call support when necessary 
  • Provides support to end users in using data warehousing tools, formulating queries, and understanding the data contained in the data warehouse. 
  • Close Maximo alarms within SLA 
  • Manage and maintain DW daily night ETL operations for a week in the defined circular period 
  • Provide operational requirements for projects having impact on DWH
Information Security

  • Responsible for noting and reporting any deviations from the VTAS’s security policy and report all suspected security and/or policy breaches to VTAS FRS Management 
  •  Protect access accounts, privileges, and associated passwords , and accept accountability for individual user accounts by maintaining confidentiality 
  • Using the VTAS's computers for personal / private business is strongly discouraged 
  •  Understand and comply with the VTAS’s Information security policies & procedures, standards and guidelines. 
  • Know and follow all instructions for controlling access to, and use of the VTAS ’s Information Systems
  • Know and follow all instructions governing the secure handling of the VTAS’s information assets by maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability 
  •  Be aware that some actions are expressly forbidden. Forbidden actions as below but not limited to :Installing, executing, downloading, uploading, or in any other way introducing third-party software onto VTAS computer equipment, or in any way changing, deleting, or reconfiguring the standard desktop without written authority (prior to the installation) from both Information Security department and Office IT department. 
  • Abuse of any special account privileges that may have been granted to that staff member
Working at Vodafone is all about helping people feel ready to benefit from new technology, bring the future to even the most remote places and thinking about technology that doesn’t exist yet. Here at Vodafone, we do amazing things to empower everybody to be confidently connected, that could be anything from providing superfast network speed for smartphones to making people’s lives easier with mobile payment, streaming music & video and connecting devices through internet of things. 

 Vodafone is a place where you can bring your whole self to work as you start your career.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer / Electronic / Industry / Mechanical / Mathematics Engineering or similar.
  • At least 2 years experience in Datawarehouse Domain (operational experience is a plus) 
  • At least 4 years experience in SAP Business Object’s application and administration level 
  • Experience in administration of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop 
  •  Good understanding of Web Infrastructure(Web Servers, tomcat, web logic) 
  • Knowledge on Unix, Windows, Red Hat and Shell Scripting is plus 
  • Understanding of DWH concepts 
  • Analytical Skills & Good Communications 
  • Familiarity with ODI, BO and abinitio tools would be an advantage 
  • Comfort working with business analysts, development team 
  • Ability to meet challenging deadlines. 
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities. 
  • 2+ years of Business intelligence industry experience 
  • Experience in Oracle database, PL/SQL coding & performance tuning 
  • Experience in UC4 ETL tool and their administration is plus 
  • Experience in data implementation and management of data quality components 
  • Good command of English