Solution Designer Vodafone Telekomünikasyon A.Ş.

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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Key Activities / Decision Areas:


1.    Delivery accountability of business/technology demands/projects

•    As a member of the squad, solution designer is responsible for all the activities that lead the team to achieve their sprint goals & team KPIs.
•    Supports ideation and scoping processes for scoring, feasibility and complexity of the concepts.
•    Estimates size of backlog items
•    Provide technical and financial (CAPEX) information including effort estimation, constraints and dependencies; highlight potential risks and offer alternative solutions 
•    Delivers detailed functional and technical analysis against backlog items in line with solution designers in other squads; handshakes on the specifications of the integrations points. 
•    Deliver end to end solutions based on agreed scope of requirements, in line with Group and TR IT’s target architecture and strategy.
•    Together with Ops and Infrastructure teams, studies dimensioning for the systems in the domain based on the traffic forecast provided by the business unit
•    Works with product owner and solution developer define backlog items (epics, features, user stories, tasks) for the necessary cases
•    Translates backlog items into engineering design and logical units of work (tasks) with the solution developers.
•    Supports testers for test case preparation; reviews test cases.
•    Provides design support for defects and issues raised by relevant stakeholders regarding the domain under the teams responsibility.
•    Prepare and present solution for IT Architecture Board
•    Execute RFP/RFQ/RFIs when it’s required in projects and evaluate vendor technical capabilities against business requirements to identify  products and/or services 
•    Works with solution architect to maintain product roadmaps and target architecture 
•    Reviews and approves vendor design documents; follow-ups vendor development.
•    If assigned as a Lead Solution Designer, drives e2e design activities, ensures e2e quality of the delivery.

2.    Technical vendor management

•    Accountable for the technical vendor management based on the contract that is signed between Vodafone and the vendor.
•    Work with relevant stakeholders (IT vendor management, IT Operation, Technology Security, Information Security, Legal teams) during the contract preparation phase in order to identify correct scope, KPIs, terms and conditions. 
•    Closely monitor performance of the vendor by measuring KPIs which are defined in the contract, 
•    Take necessary actions for the failing KPIs in order to improve performance of the vendor 

3.    Manage relations with Vodafone Group for the projects and products in scope

•    Manage relations and cooperation with Group 
•    Contribute to Group business and technology plans,
•    Provide information and know-how sharing,
•    Support cooperation and joint projects,
•    Follow up Group IT implementation recommendations

4.    Innovation and Research

•    Ensure delivery standards, methodologies, processes, and best practices are implemented to ensure efficiency.
•    Research to stay abreast of current technology that will keep the team operating efficiently and effectively.
•    Contributes developing long-range goals.

5.    Health & Safety

•    Ensure that VF HSE&W procedures are implemented and works carried out in compliance with local HSE regulations.                              
•    Ensure that work associated risks are assessed and reduced so far as is reasonably practicable                                               

6.    Information Security

•    Comply with VFTR’s information security policy, standards and procedures, available under Intranet / Corporate Security Library,             
•    Report all suspected security and/or policy breaches, potential security risks to VF TR Corporate Security,                                  
•    Protect VF TR’s information assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction or interference,                          
•    Protect user accounts and associated passwords , and accept accountability for any actions performed via usage of those accounts.            

7.    Business Continuity

•    Ensure that VFTR  BCM policy /standard ,procedures ,plans  implemented and works carried out in compliance with   BS 25999 -2:2007  Standard 
•    Ensure that BCM  risks are assessed and mitigated  so far as is reasonably practicable in VFTR  Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) 
•    Ensure VTR BCMS by planning, establishing, embedding, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving within VFTR


Technical / Professional Expertise:


•    Bachelor's degree from Computer Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Mathematics Engineering and other related departments,
•    2-5 years of software analysis/design/development/engineering experience on CRM applications.
•    Know-how and experience on software architecture, design and development technologies such as;
o    SIEBEL IP 2015
o    PL-SQL, Oracle
o    Algorithms, object oriented programming
o    Multithreading, concurrency, 
o    Web Service, SOAP, REST, 
o    XML, J-Son
•    Broad knowledge and understanding of technical analysis and design patterns
•    In depth understanding of the full software development lifecycle
•    Broad knowledge of software technology and development processes, particularly Scrum, Kanban, Test Driven Development, disciplined agile delivery and lean development
•    Must possess a complete understanding of all aspects of test automation, continuous integration and continuous deployment concept
•    A great working knowledge of standards & technologies.
•    Eager to learn new technologies
•    Should have communication skills sufficient to be able to work in a team of international diversity.
•    Customer focused, dependable solution oriented, hardworking, team focused
•    Ability to a systematic, disciplined and analytical approach to problem solving
•    Result oriented, strongly motivated leader with excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skills
•    Eagerness for quality and continuous improvement of processes
•    Strong Presentation skills
•    Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
•    Very good level of English proficiency



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