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COVID-19 Notice: We are continuing recruitment and have implemented new processes that promote candidate and employee safety. As part of this we have moved to a virtual hiring and onboarding process until further notice.

Join our journey as we connect for a better future. Ready?
We are looking for a Solution Designer (Expert).




Our purpose at Vodafone is to connect for a better future. As a Global Communications Technology company, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are forever challenging, pushing boundaries and discovering innovative ways to connect our customers with their digital societies.

We connect people, businesses, and communities across the globe to create the future. We earn customer loyalty, experiment, learn fast and get it done, together. As you can imagine, this means that we have a vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people making Vodafone a great place to work.


. To design and develop the necessary software for Charging products and services. Maintain code and 3rd level support of the products delivered. 

. Periodic code review tasks. Prepare release notes & design document of applications.

. Team player on cross-functional teams. 

. Manage Charging products and services lifecycle, determining future opportunities for innovations/change/improvements.

Key Accountabilities:


1.  Delivery accountability of business/technology demands/projects:
•    As a member of the squad, solution designer is responsible for all the activities that lead the team to achieve their sprint goals & team KPIs.
•    Supports ideation and scoping processes for scoring, feasibility and complexity of the concepts.
•    Estimates size of backlog items
•    Provide technical and financial (CAPEX) information including effort estimation, constraints and dependencies; highlight potential risks and offer alternative solutions 
•    Delivers detailed functional and technical analysis against backlog items in line with solution designers in other squads; handshakes on the specifications of the integrations points. 
•    Deliver end to end solutions based on agreed scope of requirements, in line with Group and TR IT’s target architecture and strategy.
•    Together with Ops and Infrastructure teams, studies dimensioning for the systems in the domain based on the traffic forecast provided by the business unit
•    Works with product owner and solution developer define backlog items (epics, features, user stories, tasks) for the necessary cases
•    Translates backlog items into engineering design and logical units of work (tasks) with the solution developers.
•    Supports testers for test case preparation; reviews test cases.
•    Provides design support for defects and issues raised by relevant stakeholders regarding the domain under the teams responsibility.
•    Prepare and present solution for IT Architecture Board
•    Execute RFP/RFQ/RFIs when it’s required in projects and evaluate vendor technical capabilities against business requirements to identify  products and/or services 
•    Works with solution architect to maintain product roadmaps and target architecture 
•    Reviews and approves vendor design documents; follow-ups vendor development.
•    If assigned as a Lead Solution Designer, drives e2e design activities, ensures e2e quality of the delivery.

2.  Technical vendor management:
•    Accountable for the technical vendor management based on the contract that is signed between Vodafone and the vendor.
•    Work with relevant stakeholders (IT vendor management, IT Operation, Technology Security, Information Security, Legal teams) during the contract preparation phase in order to identify correct scope, KPIs, terms and conditions. 
•    Closely monitor performance of the vendor by measuring KPIs which are defined in the contract, 
•    Take necessary actions for the failing KPIs in order to improve performance of the vendor 


3.  (Vodafone Global Relations) Manage relations with Vodafone Group for the projects and products in scope:
•    Manage relations and cooperation with Group 
•    Contribute to Group business and technology plans,
•    Provide information and know-how sharing,
•    Support cooperation and joint projects,
•    Follow up Group IT implementation recommendations

4.   Innovation and Research:
•    Ensure delivery standards, methodologies, processes, and best practices are implemented to ensure efficiency.
•    Research to stay abreast of current technology that will keep the team operating efficiently and effectively.
•    Contributes developing long-range goals.

5.   Health & Safety:
•    Ensure that VF HSE&W procedures are implemented and works carried out in compliance with local HSE regulations.                              
•    Ensure that work associated risks are assessed and reduced so far as is reasonably practicable                                               

6.   Information Security:
•    Comply with VFTR’s information security policy, standards and procedures, available under Intranet / Corporate Security Library,             
•    Report all suspected security and/or policy breaches, potential security risks to VF TR Corporate Security,                                  
•    Protect VF TR’s information assets from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, destruction or interference,                          
•    Protect user accounts and associated passwords , and accept accountability for any actions performed via usage of those accounts.            

7.   Business Continuity:
•    Ensure that VFTR  BCM policy /standard ,procedures ,plans  implemented and works carried out in compliance with   BS 25999 -2:2007  Standard 
•    Ensure that BCM  risks are assessed and mitigated  so far as is reasonably practicable in VFTR  Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) 
•    Ensure VTR BCMS by planning, establishing, embedding, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving within VFTR


Technical / Professional Expertise

Graduated from Engineering Departments of Universities

Technical background of Convergent Charging technologies, products and services. 

Extensive experience in software development; Develop, test, implement and maintain application software

Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle

Good knowledge of the following technologies: Java,  XML, SOAP, JSP, EJB, J2EE, JSON, Web Services,  UML, Application Modelling Tools, Relational and  NoSQL data modelling

Proven knowledge of relational databases and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB,Cassandra)

Good understanding in Cloud computing stacks, PaaS, SaaS

Experience in microservice design and implementation.

Experience with Scrum/Agile development methodologies

Ability to use CI/CD pipeline

Strong  negotiation ,communication and analytical skills

Strong interpersonal communication skills. 

Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines

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