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We are seeking a Transport Planning Senior Specialist with the will and ambition to work in high performing Vodafone Team responsible for Leading Digital Transformation in Turkey, reporting to Transport Manager of Vodafone Turkey.

The accountabilities of this role are:

  • Adapting the guidelines (as defined by Technology Strategy & Operations) and the Medium-level designs (as defined by Network Engineering functional teams) to the local needs and special conditions of Aegean Region markets/networks. 
  • Defining all the necessary intermediate steps for integration, merging and controlling of the existing and the new (to be deployed) networks 
  • Delivering the work-orders for all relevant actions 
  • To ensure in-time and in-budget fulfilment of the plans devised by the functional teams, while ensuring alignment with all guidelines and satisfaction of all needs and priorities agreed with the local markets. 
  • To ensure accurate financial controlling (both CapEx and OpEx) for the Aegean Region market. 
  • To Channel people and processes due to reorganization of the Msp/Dsp (and to continuously simplify them) relevant to the role, to complete the jobs for delivering its tasks with speed, simplicity and trust, as per the Vodafone Way. 
  • Develop transport network plans for all three Technologies ( LTE 3G 2G) Capable to make transport planning and design (BSC/RNC-MSC) Capable to make aggregation and hub designing, 
  • Capable to make backhaul designing (MW, HDSL, etc.) 
  • Capable to make link capacity planning, 
  • Capable to make MW frequency planning. 
  • Collect coverage/capacity demand from related departments to design the network, 
  • Define link protection methodology, 
  • Follow up project rollout/schedule, 
  • Keep up to date transport network inventory data, 
  • Develop projects that increases network efficiency and reduces opex, 
  • Use Transport Planning tool (NetTrans, Ellipse, U2000, Atoll or other) 
  • Apply to ISPs to have LL infrastructure (i.e: SDH, F/O cable) 
  • Good knowledge of ip network infrastructure 
  • Continually seek opportunities to decrease operational costs within the network 
  • Follow up of Regional Project implementation 
  • Follow up latest transport technologies

What is it like to work at Vodafone? 

 Working at Vodafone is all about helping people feel ready to benefit from new technology, bring the future to even the most remote places and thinking about technology that doesn’t exist yet. Here at Vodafone, we do amazing things to empower everybody to be confidently connected, that could be anything from providing superfast network speed for smartphones to making people’s lives easier with mobile payment, streaming music & video and connecting devices through internet of things. 

 Vodafone is a place where you can bring your whole self to work as you start your career.

  • Graduated from Electrical / Electronics / Communication of University 
  • Have min 5 years telecommunication transport planning experience 
  • Have driving licenses 
  • Have not restriction for mobility 
  • Good command of English 
  • Military service completed for male candidates 
  • Excellent communications skills 
  • MS office applications• Candidate must be build trust, commercial, courage, develops team and a good team member goal oriented, inspirational 
  • Good knowledge of network’s equipments and architecture and basic knowledge of the status in Aegean Region 
  • Understanding of interdependencies, restrictions and priorities in the deployment of transport networks
  • Good technological background in transport and transport networks and architectures 
  • Ability to negotiate and adopt, to achieve smooth and efficient fulfilment and delivery in the markets of responsibility 
  • Detailed engineering and delivery of transport & transport networks capabilities in Aegean Region markets/networks