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About 3M

At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With over 30 billion USD in sales, our 90 thousand employees connect with customers from 200 countries around the world. Ethisphere Institute has once again named 3M a World’s Most Ethical Company (the third year in a row) This award recognizes the diligent efforts of 3M’ers around the world to be transparent and honest – and to do business the right way, every day and everywhere.

3M Turkey: Largest 3M organization in Central and Eastern Europe

For over 110 years, 3M has fostered a culture of creativity and new ideas. With more than 55.000 products, we continue to demonstrate an ability to combine highly innovative technologies in new and unexpected ways. Today, 3M has 5 main business groups which are Consumer Business Group, Electronic and Energy, Health Care, Industrial Products and Safety & Graphics Business Groups and these groups consist of 26 active sales and marketing divisions. 3M’s yearly revenue is 30,3 billion dollars and it operates in 70 countries with a total of 90.000 employees. 3M has been operating in Turkey since 1987 and currently has close to 600 employees. In terms of income, Turkey is the largest country in Central and Eastern Europe.

3M Turkey left behind a quarter century with important milestones

Since entering the market in 1987, 3M Turkey has achieved many milestones. In 1988, 3M launched its Scotch-Brite brand in Turkey. In 1992, 3M installed the first production facility in Çerkezköy and started the first production of Scotch-Brite  from Turkey. Since 1992, 3M has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of new and innovative products each year. In 2001, the production of safety products, in 2002 industrial / filter product line, in 2005 personal care products, in 2008 automotive products and in 2009 production of health care products was begun at the facility. In 2012 3M celebrated its 25th year in the market and in the same year the decision was made to invest in a second production facility (Super Hub) that would become a regional production base. Having started in Turkey with the production of Scotch-Brite at its Çerkezköy facility, 3M has now become the production center for Scotch-Brite products in the CEE and MEA regions.  

3M Turkey is among the top 500 exporters, currently exporting to 52 countries

Through the years, 3M Turkey has become a major exporter in the market, also having entered the top 1000 exporters list in 2011. Significantly growing over the following two years, in 2013, 3M Turkey became one of the top 500 major exporter companies in the country. Since that time 3M has remained within the top 500 exporters in Turkey and increased the number of countries to which it exports its products. In 2013, 3M Turkey exported to 39 countries and as of today this number increased to 52. 

3M’s engine of growth; 3M Science. Applied to Life.

Investment in R&D and innovation is one the key elements which leads 3M to success. As a company that is aware of the importance of R&D, 3M allocates close to 6 percent of its yearly revenue to the endeavor. 3M globally has about 11 thousand employees and 8 thousand of its employees specifically work on R&D. 3M's innovation is the driving force of growth, reflecting the common ideas and technology culture. 3M’s business model is based on encouraging organic growth by inventing new products that did not exist before. More than 35 percent of 3M's annual sales come from products developed in the last five years. Using science in innovative ways to improve people’s lives is the theme at the heart of 3M’s global strategy and success. The company’s new brand platform which states that “Science is just science until it is applied to life” underlies this belief. 3M also has more than 40 Customer Innovation Center which are dedicated only to realizing the innovation process with the clients. Opening its doors in March 2015, 3M Turkey’s new Customer Innovation Center will also play an important role in helping to meet the needs of customers in Turkey. By offering a center where 3M can come together with its customers, these centers benefit from 3M's global R&D power and 46 technology platforms to meet the needs of customers.

3M Turkey is getting ready to increase its R&D workforce by 3 fold

3M Turkey employs 30 engineers who work in the R&D field today. With the addition of the Çorlu Super Hub and Kavacık Customer Innovation Center investments, 3M will enlarge its R&D activities in Turkey. Along with this expansion, 3M will hire more highly qualified R&D personnel and its team of R&D engineers in Turkey will increase by 3 fold in five years.  This team with be responsible for the R&D process in the development of products will enter the global market as well as Turkey. Thus with its increased production capability, 3M Turkey will continue to grow as a major hub for production in the region.

Sustainability is an integral part of 3M's corporate culture

3M has been leading sustainability applications with very good results for a long time. Since 1975 3M’s 3P (Pollution Prevention Pays) program has set an example to the world by preventing a two million tons of air, water and waste pollution. The company also decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by 64 percent with its additional efforts between 2002 and 2014. 3M has also been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for 16 years; an index which follows the world’s leading companies’ financial performance and sustainability criteria. In addition, 3M has been repeatedly honored – 10 times – by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award due to its best practices in the energy field to institutions performance.