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Beyaz Yaka : 1-24

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ANR Engineering is a manufacturing company based in Turkey, Istanbul city.

Formed in 1998 ANR Engineering is a steadily expanding company with established product ranges, design and manufacturing facility. We are serving an industry that serves the world.

ANR Engineering is specialized in production of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components, tractor, truck, wagon parts and equipment parts.

Moreover, in 2012 ANR Engineering became a worldwide distributor of HPM brand for hydraulic gear pumps, valves and other variety of parts for industrial machines, road machinery, forklifts and tractors.

Our company has a strong commitment to quality and it is an UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Production development and high quality products, developing new inventions and solving specialist problems are the core of the business. Our unique team has gained experience within the manufacturing industry from international sales to design and engineering.

We are making considerable investments in the technologies which will be required to accomplish our goals and to always be in one wave with new inventions.

ANR Engineering owns his success to the formed project and quality team which are testing whole material and product from the beginning to the end.

We make it our goal to establish long term business cooperation that is why we try our best to achieve it through quality and better service. These additions along with our years of experience make us a valued business partner.