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BATA FOOD (Bardakçı Tarım Gıda İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.), subsidiary of BARDAKCIGROUP was established at the end of 2009 in Istanbul as an exporter and supplier of agricultural products such as nuts, dried fruits, dried vegetables, fruit juice & concentrates, herbs, spices and other products coming from organic and conventional agriculture. We currently continue our activities with our presence in Turkey, Netherlands (BATA FOOD B.V.) and Singapore (BATA FOOD ASIA).

We process dried fruits and nuts at our BRC certified facility in Turkey and also sourcing more than 40 products directly from 15 origins for the international food industry. BATA FOOD’s strong worldwide network of processors and partners enable us to offer good quality, efficient service and competitive prices for organic and conventional food ingredients. Starting from the farm to your door, our operations team do their best for a smooth and steady supply by working in a cooperation with you before and after sale.

Our experienced traders continuously monitoring the markets through our representatives and agents over the world to source the best quality products at the right time. We constantly inform our trading partners with an honest insight and useful information regarding market updates and developments. Due to our strong focus on global markets, it makes us fully equipped about international market trends, laws and food safety regulations.

Honesty, integrity and commitment are values we hold as key principles. Our long term relationships with our trading partners allowed us to expand from a small one room company to an organization with multiple offices around the world.