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Shell & Turcas Petrol A.Ş


The Journey that Started with a Sea Shell

The story of Shell, owning more than 1700 companies in over 140 countries with approximately 109,000 employees, started 175 years ago. The decision to cooperate between UK and the Netherlands at the beginning of the 1900s forms the basis of Shell’s current modern structure. In 1907, the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies was formed. As a result of a century-long global partnership, Royal Dutch and Shell Transport and Trading Company merged in 2005 and were titled as Royal Dutch Shell plc.


Shell in Turkey

Shell entered the Turkish market in 1923. The company, dating back to the foundation of the Republic, became one of the leading energy groups of the country through its investments.


Shell underwent a restructuring in 2006 and established a joint venture with Turcas Petrol, currently continuing its business activities under the name of Shell & Turcas Petrol A.Ş with 70% of Shell controlling share.


Shell & Turcas

Shell & Turcas Petrol A.S. covers the ownership, operation and management for retail, commercial fuels and lubricants. The merger integrated the assets, businesses and logistics into a single organization and a single brand, Shell.  The joint venture is achieving growth and remarkable operational results with a retail network of over 1,200 sites, amongst the top 3 Shell networks worldwide. Turkey is a strategically important market for Shell where the JV has a turnover of 6,5 billion USD in 2007.


Shell & Turcas conducts its activities in four main categories with over 500 employees: Retail Sales, Commercial Sales, Lubricants & Supply/Distribution. Shell has already achieved the number 1 position in the field of Lubricants within 2007 according to PETDER (Petroleum Industry Association) reports. Shell & Turcas also owns the largest lubricant & grease plant of Mediterranean within Shell, Derince, which is the export pride of Turkey.


The joint venture has been called one of the most successful mergers and has won local and international recognitions. It has been ranked as #1 in customer satisfaction, #1 in differentiated fuels and #1 in 50 ppm diesel. The company has also been selected as the “most admired company” by Capital magazine, the "most prominent company in its sector" by Dünya newspaper and the “leader in brand awareness” by AC Nielsen's recent study.


The Turkish market is one of the 6 strategic markets of the Shell Group in the field of downstream

(sales, marketing and distribution of fuels and related products).  Rob Routs, Royal Dutch Shell Group Executive Director Downstream, states that the Shell Group will increase its investments in Turkey during the forthcoming period and continues: “Shell & Turcas is being evaluated as one of the most successful merger models within the Shell Group.”

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