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ENGIE Türkiye

“As part of the ENGIE Group,  ENGIE TÜRKİYE Power and Gas Trading and Origination deals with wholesale, trade, import, export and retail sale of power and natural gas in the developing Turkish energy market. It aims to be a leader in its segment by utilizing its world-wide experience to provide market oriented products and services.”

Engie has 152,900  employees throughout the world in 70 countries on 5 continents. Engie has been active in Turkey for more than 40 years. The Group used its expertise in energy to develop its activities in energy service, power generation and natural gas distribution as well as wholesale and retail of both power and natural gas.Engie is one the biggest foreign investors in the Turkish energy market. The Group is one of the leading natural gas distributors, and also owns two gas-fired power plants (CCGTs) as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Baymina Enerji CCGT: With a capacity of 763 MW this plant is operated by ENGIE (95%) and its partner Mimag (local operator), with a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) up to 2018.
Uni-Mar Marmara Ereglisi CCGT: Since 2004 ENGIE has owned 33% of this plant with a capacity of 480 MW. The power purchase agreement (PPA) runs until 2019.
IZGAZ is the third largest natural gas distributor in Turkey (more than 300,000 residential customers and 81 industrial companies). Izgaz, which is owned by ENGIE (90%) and the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality (10%), distributes 2 billion cubic meters per year (BCM) of natural gas through a 2,560 km pipeline network. It also provides fuel for public buses powered by natural gas in Kocaeli city.
Since October 2010, GDF SUEZ ETP operates a license to import liquefied natural gas (LNG), and began trading activities of natural gas in 2011. GDF SUEZ ETP obtained a power supply license in 2013 and is primarily intended to be a platform for the commodity price risk management.