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Erciyas Holding is an investment group that operates more than 25 years in over fifty countries around the world in four major markets; including industry, energy, bicycle industry, and services. 

Erciyas Holding can trace its roots all the way back to the Erciyas Steel Pipe factory, founded by the vision and courage of Ahmet Kamil Erciyas in 1989. 

Today, Erciyas Holding is one of the most significant investment groups in Turkey, with success in both regional and global markets, across all industries it is involved with. By maintaining a strong financial structure, the company continues to be a formidable opponent and a reliable partner around the world. 

Innovation: Key to the Future 

Erciyas Holding provides products and services of the highest possible quality with advanced technology applications across all sectors it operates. Innovation and investment for the future remain to be the driving force that guides us to leadership every industry we work.

Industry Group :
Erciyas Steel Pipe, Özbal Steel Pipe, RC Industry,

Energy Group :
Briza Wind, Erciyas Enerji,

Bicycle Group :
Bimas Bikes, Bimas Bicycle & Motorcycle,

Service Group:
Glober Logistics, Övgün Real Estate and Investment, Pimre Real Estate, Savor

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