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Freebird Airlines is an international charter airline established in June 2000 and started its operations in 2001 with 3 medium range MD83 aircrafts. Freebird Airlines, having a strong infrastructure among Turkish private airline companies, continues its Europe and Middle East operations with a fleet of 8 A320 and 1 A321 aircrafts. Based on its efforts towards excellency, Freebird Airlines aims to create value for its customers, employees and shareholders. In this context, it is the first airline company in Turkey, which has been certified with the Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 9001 by TÜV Rheinland. In 2006, it has become the first Turkish charter airline company, who has been certified with IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) by IATA (International Air Transport Association).
Build your future in the aviation industry!
A boost in growth arising especially in recent years in the aviation industry, which is in a continuous development and progress, has made this field of activity much more meaningful and attractive for job opportunities. Freebird Airlines operates since 2001, with a rooted corporate culture and consistent policies, aims to be one of the most important companies of the industry as today and in the future.
By the engagement of all personnel for continuous improvements, Freebird Airlines grows this family with its fast, lissome and responsible staff.
Being a member of Freebird Airlines means to be a big family in a working area based on cooperation and solidarity.
Our HR applications
The purpose of Human Resources applications of Freebird Airlines is to hire staff members qualified for the areas it is active in and to ensure sustainability.
The corporate organization enables to evaluate the employees in duties, at which they can use their competencies and qualifications efficiently and contribute to the activities of the company in reaching its aims.

In line with contemporary systems, Freebird Airlines carefully conduct human resources processes.

Objective and fair evaluations have made, based on the qualifications and personal skills, which the job requires.